NWU Registration and Application Fee

North-West University is one of the largest in South Africa. It has the third-largest student population in the country, including full-time and distance learning students. Every year, thousands of prospective students scramble for admission at the university which ranks as the 5th best in the country. New international students are required to pay an application fee before proceeding with the application process. Payment of the fee will enable the application to stand a chance of being considered by the university.

After gaining admission, NWU students are obliged to register their courses and modules for the year, paying the necessary registration fee and the minimum payable fees. This is stated clearly in the university’s general academic rules and the relevant provisions of the Higher Education Act.

What is the NWU Registration Fee?

NWU students are advised to start their registration at the beginning of February each year and also ensure that they have paid the minimum payable fees into the university’s bank account as early as December or January. This helps to finalize their registration on time. Pre-defined account name ‘NWU Student” must be selected from the list of the beneficiaries under bank account payments while making the payment into the university’s bank account.

The NWU registration fees for the first year and senior students, grouped into residence, non-residence, distance, and international students, are listed below:

  • Residence students – R2,110
  • Non-residence students – R2,110
  • Distance students – R2,110
  • International students – R2,110

NWU Total Compulsory Minimum First Payment for First Year and Senior Students

Compulsory First Minimum Fees Payable Residence Students Non-residence Students Distance Students
NWU registration fees R2,110 R2,110 R2,110
The first payment on tuition fees R8,630 R8,630 R8,630
The first payment on residence fees R9,150 R0 R0
Total R19,890 R10,740 R10,470

The university’s account details are as follows:

Bank Name Account Number Branch Code
ABSA 40-7009-9350 632-005
Nedbank 1713-378-531 171-338
FNB 6216-190-7335 240-438
FNB Namibia 6224-883-9823 281-174
Standard Bank 33-038-446-5 052-838

NWU Proof of Registration

NWU proof of registration is usually sent to students once the registration process has been finalized. Processing of registration takes two to three working days, afterwards, the proof of registration is sent to the student’s personal e-mail address. If a student’s minimum fees are not fully paid, then the registration will be conditional and thus, the student will not receive proof of registration.

NWU Online Registration Process

Annually, every NWU student must register their program modules either by means of paper-based or an online registration process. It’s noteworthy that students who have outstanding fees for the year to settle will not be allowed to register for the next year’s courses until their outstanding university accounts are fully settled. Before proceeding to register, students are to keep their 8 digit university number at hand, as well as their PIN.

The university number is the only reference number used for direct bank deposits or electronic bank transfers into NWU’s bank account. That said, here are the steps involved in the online registration for the first year, international, contact, and distance learning students.

NWU Online Registration Process For First-Year Students

NWU new students are required to create a PIN with their personal information before proceeding with the registration process listed below.

 STEP 1: Visit the NWU registration website.

STEP 2: Select “Registration.”

STEP 3: The login screen will display the option “Create PIN” at the bottom of the login window. The created PIN will be displayed on the screen and equally, be sent as an SMS afterward.

STEP 4: Login by entering your student number and PIN.

STEP 5: Select “Self-registration” and click “Next.”

STEP 6: Ensure that the registration year must be the current year of registration.

STEP 7: Confirm your contact detail, a preferred method of account correspondence, e-mail address, contact number, and qualification information.

STEP 8: Select all modules for the current curriculum.

STEP 9: Select your study material per module.

STEP 10: Accept the terms of agreement. You will not be registered if you do not accept the terms of the agreement.

STEP 11: Proof of Registration will be sent to your personal e-mail address.

NWU Online Registration Process for Contact Students

Although NWU senior students can register for both semesters annually, they can also opt to register only for semester modules. However, they must ensure that the full minimum first payment is fully paid. The registration procedures for NWU senior students are very similar to that of the first-year students, only minor changes differentiate the processes.

STEP 1: Visit the NWU registration website.

STEP 2: Login with student number and PIN.

STEP 3: Select “Registration” and then “Self Registration.”

STEP 4: Choose your qualification and click “Next.”

STEP 5: Apply the Pre-requisite Test which will determine the modules you can register for.

STEP 6: Choose the correct modules to be registered.

STEP 7: Select the option for providing “Personal Information” and ensure that you provide the correct contact information.

STEP 8: Accept the undertaking.

STEP 9: You will be notified that the registration was successful.

STEP 10: Proof of Registration will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the student.

NWU Online Registration Process for Distance Learning Students

Just like the senior students, distance learning students are also presented with the opportunity to either register for the academic year or per semester. The registration steps are given below:

STEP 1: The link to the registration portal, as well as registration forms, curriculum control forms, and other registration information are sent to successful applicants and returning students via e-mail.

STEP 2: Complete the “Registration Form.”

STEP 3: Reflect correct personal and contact information.

STEP 4: Choose a qualification program and sign the “Agreement.”

STEP 5: Complete “Curriculum Control Form.”

STEP 6: Select the modules for the specific semester.

STEP 7: Upload the completed and signed registration and curriculum control forms together with proof of payment to the registration website. Registration cannot proceed if the proof of payment document isn’t uploaded.

STEP 8: Proof of Registration will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the student.

NWU Online Registration Process for International Students

Unlike South African residents who are required to pay minimum payable fees before registration can be finalized, international students are required to pay the full amount of their proposed study and relevant costs in advance. It is compulsory for international students to first consult with the Global Engagement Office as registrations won’t be possible without consultation.

The office provides requirements that must be met by students before the registration process will proceed. They include:

  • Colour scanned copies of:
  •    Passport
  •    Visa or any RSA residence permit
  •    Green ID Book (required from non-South African citizens and non-South African National when applicable)
  •    Proof of your vaccinations for MMR and Meningitis (and Yellow Fever, if applicable)
  •    Proof of medical insurance (waived only for PRP holders)
  • Subject Field: student number, year of registration, level, and campus
  • Record of the vaccinations obtained in the previous year of registration
  • Meningitis and MMR are meant to be repeated every five years
  • Submission of the receipt of your visa application
  • Attachment A18 must be signed by a commissioner of oaths in your country of origin before submission

Registration Guidelines

STEP 1: Send an e-mail to the Global Engagement Office.

STEP 2: You will receive “Attachments A18 and/or A15 for completion.

STEP 3: Submit the forms along with the other documents required by the Global Engagement Office.

STEP 4: Global Engagement Office will now send the documentation to the North-West University Registration Office for processing.

STEP 5: Once captured, the student will be asked to proceed with the online registration process for either first year, contact, or distance student.

Note: Students who are to repeat modules and those having outstanding debts are requested not to register online.

NWU Documents For Registration

  • Proof of payment of minimum payable fees
  • Clearance Form and Declaration Form (A18) (for international students)
  • Registration Form and Curriculum Control Form (for distance learning students)

What is NWU Application Fee?

At the beginning of every year, hundreds of thousands of applicants across the country and beyond, vie for admission space at the North-West University. Hence, prospective students are expected to be in the know of the application details and fee. It’s worth noting that only new international students pay the application fee while applying for admission to NWU. The application fee is R575. It is non-refundable and does not appear on the student’s account.

Like the registration fee, the NWU application fee can be paid into the North West University bank account through electronic payment or direct bank deposit. The account details are as follows:

  • Bank: ABSA
  • Account name: NW University Online Registrations
  • Account number: 409-169-1369
  • Bank code: 632-005

For inquiries about the bank account, contact NWU-Bank [email protected].

What Happens If The Application Fee Payment is Not Made During The Application Process?

NWU application fee, which is only applicable to new international students, must accompany a student’s application for admission into the university. The application won’t be successfully concluded if the compulsory application fee is not paid into the North-West University bank account.


NWU boasts comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs which are quite competitive on the global stage. This attracts students from South Africa and beyond to the top-notch African university that has students of about 66 different nationalities.

While the new international students pay an application fee, the first-year and senior students are requested to register their academic year modules annually after paying the minimum payable fees, including the registration fee. This ensures that the student university card remains active.


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