Numsa: We Are Tired Of The Status Quo, We Need Leaders With Stronger Commitment


The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (Numsa) slammed SA government and the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan for failing the people of South Africa, especially in terms of providing employment.

According to the union President, Andrew Chirwa, who was speaking on the fate of South Africa following the huge rise in unemployment, blamed the finance minister Gordhan and the  Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel for not speeding up job creation in the country.

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Numsa President went on to say that the country needs a stronger commitment from government to address economic challenges facing the country, especially in tackling huge unemployment rate nearly overshadowing the country.

Chirwa’s comments have long been hinted upon by well-meaning political leader who believes the ruling ANC is losing its focus of putting the welfare of the people first.

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa made a similar call to the ruling party warning them to go back to their first policy, else, it will lose value in the SA politics.

Responding to questions about challenges facing the ANC, Ramaphosa said movements sometimes go through difficult times and that the 104-year-old movement has had its fair share.

“Leaders are realizing we have not handled matters as well as we should have,” he said.

He said the party had resolved to handle corruption, to get rid of arrogance, patronage and other deviant behavior.

The ANC needed to operate in a way that focused on meeting the needs of the people, instead of its own, said Ramaphosa.

“I am very clear on that; that is the type of leadership we need, that members yearn for, that the country is yearning for,” he said.

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Chirwa attacked the deputy president, Ramaphosa on issues surrounding the proposed National Minimum Wage. He said the proposed wage represents an insult to the working class, who are the majority in this country and are still at the bottom of this economy.

“We reject what Cyril Ramaphosa has said that workers can survive with R3,500 when we know that R3,500 represents pocket money for his children,” Chirwa said.