NUMSA Announces Strike Plan: 3 Things You Need To Know


The National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) has warned of an imminent strike in the metals and engineering sector after wage talks with employers reached a dead end on Thursday.

The union said on Friday that it has requested a certificate of nonresolution which will allow it to go on strike.

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Here’s What You Need To Know

The union is demanding a two-year 15% wage increase across the board

NUMSA is demanding a two-year 15% wage increase based on actual rates rather than minimum rates and the extension of any deal to nonparties. Other employer associates, including National Employers Association of SA (Neasa) is making the same demand.

The union iterated that the proposed minimum wage by the ANC government has started causing chaos in the engineering sector already. It alleged that workers who fought to earn more‚ now risk being downgraded to the pathetic poverty wage of R20 an hour.

NUMSA is currently protesting at Transnet

Members of the union stormed Transnet offices in Richards Bay on Friday on a protest march. Their grievances include allegations of a sex-for-jobs scheme‚ corruption‚ health and safety violations and labour brokers.

“Contractors at Transnet in Richards Bay are fed up with being treated like animals. Some Transnet managers are guilty of violating female workers by demanding sex in exchange for jobs. Numsa is calling for an independent enquiry into how Transnet awards tenders. There is no transparency in the tendering process which means that nepotism and cronyism are rife,” Numsa Richards Bay local secretary Charles Mohlala told reporters.

The union will know if its request would be granted by next week

Having applied for a strike certificate, the union said it would hear on July 15 whether it had been granted permission to down tools.

“We have to wait until the 15th of July to see if we will be granted a strike certificate. Numsa will not back down, and we will not be bullied. We will fight with all our might to protect the rights of our members and their families, and to ensure a life of dignity for them.”

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In a memo presented to Transnet, the union demanded equality, rejected the idea of contractors and permanent staff doing the same work for the same amount of hours, yet permanent staff earn higher than contractors.