Nude ‘Art’: A Sneak Peek At The Nude Pics Of Mandisa And Thishiwe Ziqubu That Raised Brows


Last week, renowned actress Thishiwe Ziqubu took to social media to question people’s appreciation of art following the removal of her nude pictures on Instagram.

The Rhythm City star shared her nude pictures where she posed with Mandisa Nduna. She was clad in nothing but her underwear in the picture. Subsequently, the pictures were reported on Instagram as pornographic material.

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This resulted in the removal of the picture from the platform. As a result, a fuming Thishiwe Ziqubu expressed her disappointment at people’s reaction to the picture which she called art. Similarly, Mandisa was also pissed off after their ‘art’ was removed from Instagram.

Here’s the nude art;


Thus, the duo hit back at haters with a spicy clapback. They can be seen in the video looking so disconcerted.

“So apparently some of y’all had problems with the beautiful‚ tasteful‚ nude art we posted on Insta. And some of y’all felt it is right to report and say that that was some pornographic material. So we feel that y’all need to read a book‚ watch some films‚ and go to an art gallery‚” Mandisa said.

Watch the spicy clapback here;

Similarly, songstress Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana became a trending topic on Twitter after treating her followers to a glimpse of her revamped body. She posted a picture of herself wearing a navy blue body suit with a front zip skirt that was left open to expose her underwear. Zahara, posted the picture and wrote that she was getting ready for a photo shoot.

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She may have been ready for the shoot, but definitely not ready for the reactions she received from fans about the picture. While some criticised her for being a “weave girl” instead of rocking her natural hair like she used to, some thought the snap was inappropriate and asked if she was doing it to get attention. Some followers even declared that they have lost the respect they had for her because of the picture she shared.