CNN Says Jeff Has As Many Nuclear Weapons As Kim Jong Un – Who Is Jeff Anyway?


The photo above, from CNN, lists the countries with an inventory of nuclear weapons. On that list, we see Russia has the largest arsenal followed by the United States of America (which is now under Donald Trump’s control).

After a sharp decline, France, China and the United Kingdom join the list. Nothing about this is surprising. Also not surprising is the fact that India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea made the list. The surprising twist we get is the last name on the graph – it appears a man named ‘Jeff’ has made the list.

This begs a lot of questions: who is Jeff? How on earth did he make the list? How did he get his hands on Nuclear weapons in the first place? Why does he have almost as many as North Korea? Are we safe? The good news is… BuzzSouthAfrica might have just the answer you are looking for.

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Who Is Jeff?

Just for the record, this is not Jeff:

To answer your question, Jeff isn’t an individual – it’s a group of individuals. J.E.F.F is actually an acronym for Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File.

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What is J.E.F.F?

J.E.F.F is an organization which is made up of members of the  O.E.C.D’s (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) N.E.A – Nuclear Energy Agency. The Organization also produces the J.E.F.F file. Not only is J.E.F.F a collaborative effort between the N.E.A data bank member countries, it also includes the collaborative efforts of the E.F.F/E.A.F Working groups which add their findings to the J.E.F.F library file which in the universal ENDF (Evaluated Nuclear Data File) format.

Their meetings cover a wide range of topics including Radioactive decay and fission yield data, Experimental data, Fission product data, Fusion relevant data and Benchmarking, testing and evaluations.

It is safe to say JEFF isn’t who or what we expected, I had my money on Jeff Bridges, although with that icy glare we can never be too sure.Jeff Bridges