Ntsiki Weighs In On The Beyhive Craze


American superstar Beyoncé announced that she is expecting twins and her Beyhive basically lost their freaking minds over the news.

The US singing sensation sent the internet into a complete frenzy when she made her pregnancy announcement on Wednesday night.

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The Formation hitmaker took to Instagram with a picture of her growing bump to announce that she and her famous husband Jay Z are expecting twins. The amazing news broke every social media record you can ever think of. Thus, the beautiful snap of Bey cradling her growing baby bump became the most liked Instagram post within a few minutes. Subsequently, the post beat Selena Gomez with more than 6.8 million likes in only 9 hours.

In addition to the likes and congratulatory messages, so many others promptly took to the streets of social media to recreate the epic pose Queen Bey struck in the shoot under the hashtag #BeyoncePoseChallenge.

There were memes everywhere and the Beyhive just won’t stop talking about their ‘Queen’s’ pregnancy. And that was how outspoken musician Ntsiki Mazwai came into the picture with her usual bag of shades.

Ntsiki couldn’t understand what the fuss was about and has thrown major shade at the overwhelming reaction to Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement.

Instead of joining the Beyhive, the musician had shared some strong opinions about the frenzy. According to Ntsiki, black people are “dumb” and “starstruck” and she’s always reminded of that whenever Beyoncé does something.

In a series of tweets, the singer also hit back at the media for distracting people from more important issues (like getting a degree) than Beyoncé’s pregnancy.

Also, Ntsiki remained unfazed by the possibility of the Beyhive roasting her for her opinions. As a result, she went on to share a video with a message for them.

“Oh my, oh my it seems like I’ve struck a nerve. I’m sorry it offends you that I’m not in the Beyhive,” she said in the video.

And of course, she couldn’t resist the urge to throw a shade or two at Beyoncé’s fans whom she suggested weren’t intelligent.

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“Go ahead do your thing. I think I’m going to read, but you guys don’t know anything about that,” she added.

Watch the video here;

A letter to the B Hive or whatever 😂😂😂😂

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