Ntsiki Wonders Why TV Personality Bonang Likes ‘Trashy Violent’ Guys


Following a recent altercation between rapper AKA and the organizers of DSTV iRock Festival, outspoken musician Ntsiki Mazwai has questioned the caliber of men TV personality Bonang Matheba falls for.

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Taking to Twitter, Ntsiki claimed that our girl Bonang has a type she falls for and they include “trashy” and “violent” guys.

Blatantly questioning her choice of men, Ntsiki wondered how renowned TV personality Bonang Matheba could date someone who is always involved in brawls.

Apparently, she was motivated by the latest feud that involved Bonang’s bae AKA; DJ Black Coffee and the organizers of iRock Festival. After arriving 2 hours late for his performance at the event, the rapper and his crew started getting ready to go on stage at a time which coincided with DJ Black’s. The latter got pissed and  slapped AKA’s road manager during a heated argument.

After all the hassle, AKA had to cancel his performance for the event. In addition, another feud broke out off stage between AKA and some groups believed to be the organizers. A short clip shows; AKA (in white) in a fight with the organisers of the festival.

This must have infuriated Ntsiki who’s not good at hiding her feelings. She quickly took to Twitter and wrote;

“I just saw the video of aka in a brawl….wow Bonang….i dnt know how u date such guuurl….,” Ntsiki tweeted, before tagging her man; “trashy”.

She continued poking fun at Bonang depicting her trying to tame her “violent” man.

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“Cabanga (imagine) being that girl who has to run around shouting ‘baby stop!’ Gaaaard how embarrassing. Violent men are so humiliating gosh,” she said.

According to Ntsiki, Bonang’s boyfriends should fill a form before she gets into a relationship with them, and the form will contain the questions – are you violent?.

Bonang has also dated DJ Euphonik, a relationship that hit the rocks on the basis of cheating and domestic violence.

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