Outspoken Ntsiki Slams Buhle’s Nude Displays

It’s about time! Still wondering why outspoken musician Ntsiki Mazwai has not crucified Buhle’s nude displays? Well, here it comes.

Never been one to hold her tongue in the midst of controversies, Ntsiki lashed out at the fashionista when she came across some of her recent steamy snaps. Notably, most of Buhle’s pictures leave nothing to our imagination. She kinda bares it all and Ntsiki can’t take it anymore.

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For some days now, sizzling pictures and videos of US-based fashionista Buhle on vacation in Greece have been circulating on social media. Thus, fans took to Twitter to share different views about her endowments.

Meanwhile, outspoken Ntsiki couldn’t afford to be left behind in the debate as she took to Twitter on Thursday to lambaste a story about Buhle’s nude displays.

After labelling her “the gift which keeps giving” Ntsiki went on to say that women of today have “dodgy role models” who are as “thick as bricks” while using their “oversexualed bodies for attention.” Apparently, she believes that Buhle’s nudies were just a way of seeking attention, using her assets.

In addition, Ntsiki also rubbished a fans idea that the fashionista is talented, claiming that she was simply lonely. Thus, the pictures and videos.

Nevertheless, Ntsiki acknowledged that Buhle does have a hot body but fails to see the need to flaunt it the way she does. The musician ended her rant by giving a quick sermon on promiscuity.

she wrote;

“I was chatting to someone about promiscuity. When you really value something, do you pass it around to just anyone? I ask this because I think a lot of women give sex for validation and acceptance…Sex is fun. But not with everyone and everything under the sun. Standards bathong.”

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Bet Buhle won’t let this go unanswered, let’s wait and see.

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