Ntsiki Mocks Zuma’s Congratulatory Message To Trump


Apparently, controversial musician Ntsiki Mazwai is not happy with President Jacob Zuma’s congratulatory message to Trump on becoming president-elect of USA.

President Jacob Zuma issued a statement on Wednesday congratulating Donald Trump on his victory in the recent election. He issued the statement on behalf of the nation.

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Renowned for being very outspoken irrespective of who is involved, Ntsiki took aim at Zuma for speaking on everyone’s behalf.

Thus, taking to Twitter, Ntsiki made it clear she wasn’t happy about Zuma speaking on behalf of South Africans. In fact, she declared to the world that Zuma is not wanted in the country.

As expected, a lot of people agreed with her opinion, while some others say she was totally out of line.

When she was called out for making such comments over Zuma’s Congratulatory Message to Trump, Ntsiki defended her statement, claiming that she spoke the minds of many of her followers.

Meanwhile, while most local celebs expressed shock over Trump’s victory, Ntsiki responded by encouraging African nations to open their borders for African Americans. This follows speculations that life in the US might get hard for the black man following the election result.

“Can Afrika start opening up borders for African Americans (except raven simone and stacy dash)? Our brothers and sisters r gonna need us,” she tweeted.

News of Trump’s victory as the 45th president of the United States of America which was confirmed on Wednesday morning, sent shockwaves through the world. The news was greeted with mixed feelings from American citizens and the world at large. Some of South Africa’s most famous faces also reacted with shock to the news of Donald Trump’s election as US President.

The likes of Boity; Nandi Madida US-based Trevor Noah and a lot more inundated Twitter with their feelings. They were mostly shocked that against all odds, Donald Trump triumphed.

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