After Analyzing Trevor Noah’s Jokes, Ntsiki Came Up With This


From outspoken poet, Ntsiki Mazwai’s point of view, SA-born comedian Trevor Noah’s jokes have never been derogatory to white people.

Apparently, Ntsiki took her time to study the comedian and his jokes and came to the aforementioned conclusion. Consequently, she took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to liken Noah to a counterpart, Leon Schuster. Leon has made jokes in the past which have been criticised for allegedly being racist.

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Ntsiki maintained that both comedians make the same kind of jokes, targeting black people and their accents.

“Kahle kahle Trevor Noah is like Leon Schuster….he makes jokes out of blacks and their accents….kahle kahle,” she tweeted.

However, her comment about Trevor not making any “derogatory” jokes about white people caught the attention of other Tweeter users who strongly disagreed with her.

They insisted that Trevor makes jokes about everyone, even in their own country.

“He makes jokes about everyone from what I’ve seen, I don’t see how that’s a problem,” said one of her followers.

Another added that they had heard him “joke about white Americans, white Australians and the British in their own countries”.

Some others said the comedian is allowed to make jokes about black people, after all, he’s also black. Mazwai agreed with this follower, but pointed out that Noah was black, “with a touch of white privilege”.

Besides, she also said that unlike the jokes about black people, Trevor Noah’s jokes about whites are not derogatory.

Earlier this year, Ntsiki called The Daily Show host out for pronouncing black names using an English accent.

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“Someone please tell Trevor Noah not to pronounce black names in English………lol! nicely though…even Apartheid is now apartheight,” she tweeted.

After all said and done, Ntsiki agrees that Trevor has represented the country well as The Daily Show host.

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