Ntobeko Sishi Bio: Meet The Real Ntokozo From Gomora

Ntobeko Sishi (born: May 21, 1998, Age: 26 years old) is a South African actor, television presenter, and musician who is famous for the role of ‘Ntokozo’ in the popular South African soap opera, Gomora.

Despite being grounded in academics from an early age, he also knew that he has a passion for acting. He started auditioning for television roles while in school and fortunately for him, he landed the role that launched him into stardom.

He has not been in the South African movie industry for so long, as such, a lot of information about him and his life before stardom is not known. However, we have been able to gather as much information as possible. If you want to know more about the real Ntokozo from Gomora, then you should keep reading as we explore his biography.

Quick Profile Summary Of Ntobeko Sishi
  • Name: Ntobeko Senzesihle Sishi
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Date of birth: May 21, 1998
  • Place of birth: Durban, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Alma mater: University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Occupation: Actor, singer, songwriter, TV presenter
  • Best known for: Playing the role of Ntokozo in Gomora
  • Social media: @sishiioffical (Instagram) | @sishiiofficial (Twitter)

Ntobeko Sishi Was Born In May 1998

The Gomora actor, Ntobeko Sishi, was born in Durban, South Africa on the 21st of May 1998. Nothing much is known about his childhood, and who his parents or siblings are. However, there are reports that his mother passed away while he was still a child. He is yet to reveal information about his siblings – if he has any.

Ntobeko Sishi is someone who is very much academically inclined. Before the age of 23, he had already successfully completed his primary and high school education, as well as bagged two degrees. He completed his high school education at George Campbell School of Technology, after which he enrolled in the University of Cape Town for his first degree in Economics and Finance. Immediately after his first degree, he went for a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Cape Town.

While In College, Ntobeko Started Auditioning For Television Roles

Despite knowing how academically inclined he was, Sishi also knew that he had a passion for arts and he did not let his academics stop him from following his passion. While he was schooling at UCT, he started auditioning for acting roles. He was not very successful at his attempts because most of them required that he should be around different film locations which would adversely affect him academically.

Despite the fact that he is now in the South African film and television industry, Ntobeko Sishi has not let his zeal for academics die off, he hopes that one day, he would be able to merge the two by teaching upcoming artists what they need to know about acting.

Ntobeko Sishi Landed His First Gig In 2018

At the age of 21, Ntobeko Sishi landed his first acting gig in a popular South African high school drama called ‘Signal High’. It was on this show that he had the first opportunity to prove his abilities to South African movie producers. Signal High lasted from June to September 2018.

After the show came to an end, Ntobeko did not feature in any TV series until May 2019, when he joined the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC) as a presenter for Hectic Nine-9, a popular South African youth show. After that gig with the SABC came to an end, he landed the role of Ntokozo in Gomora, a popular South African soapie.

He Did Not Audition For His Role In Gomora

In an interview, Ntobeko Sishi revealed that he did not have to audition for his role because he had auditioned for the same production company that works on Gomora when they were working on Nkululelo, but he did not get the role he auditioned for because he could not speak Xhosa. However, they kept a record of his audition and when they were looking for someone to play the role of Ntokozo, he was called. According to him, he felt happy and humbled to be on the set.

In Gomora, Ntobeko played the role of Ntokozo, a spoilt kid whose parents – Melusi and Gladys – are not giving as much love as he requires, and in a quest to find the love and attention he seeks, he gets caught up in a life of alcohol and crime.

Though the real-life Ntokozo – Ntobeko Sishi – has two degrees, neither of them is related to acting. As far as we can tell, he has no professional acting training, but the multi-talented entertainer possesses great acting skills and brings his character to life so intelligently that one would think he has some sort of professional training under his belt.

Ntobeko Is Also A Music Artist

As early as the age of 7, Ntobeko Sishi had started singing. As a matter of fact, Sishi knew he could sing before he knew he could act. So far, he is doing a fine job juggling both careers. Currently, Ntobeko Sishi has not been signed under any record label as he is an independent artist. He is also versatile in his music genre (he does both Afro and RnB). So far, the soapie star has released two singles titled Either Way and Night.

It is also possible that you may have listened to a popular song without knowing that he wrote the lyrics. This is because he is also a songwriter and is the brains behind the lyrics of some of the popular South African songs you must have heard.

Who Is Ntobeko Sishi’s Girlfriend?

So far, Ntobeko Sishi is not known to be in any relationship as he is yet to reveal anyone to us as his girlfriend. We cannot say for certain whether he is in a relationship and trying to keep things away from the public or whether he is indeed single and focusing on building a career.

On another note, the actor has already started making headlines for wrong sexual conduct. He was once accused of sexual harassment by a former college mate. Popular erotic dancer, Zodwa Wabantu has also revealed that she is in contact with the actor, but that there was nothing serious going on between them.

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