NSPCA Shows Matlosana Manager What The Use Of The K-Word Results To


While the DA is still pushing for disciplinary action against EFF MP for using the ‘k’ word, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) has announced the suspension of the manager of its Matlosana SPCA branch over a social media rant which included curses as well as the k-word.

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The NSPCA denied reports of alleged “mass slaughter” attributing the claims to aggrieved staffers right after it “took over the Matlosana SPCA” on Tuesday.

According to a statement released by the NSPCA, the manager at Matlosana, Suzette Kotze had posted on social media: “May the lord forgive me but I wish all whore motherf***er k*****s die a horrible suffering suffocating (sic) death!!!!”

The national body insists that “racism will not be tolerated” and therefore had reported to the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for decisions on the matter.

In addition to his expletive comment on social media, Kotze also allegedly forced a “kennel assistant…to enter a kennel where there was a vicious dog which attacked him‚ leaving him incapacitated”.

However, NSPCA pointed out that the suspension of the manager did not go down well with the management and staff which may have led to various tactics being deployed to seek public or media sympathy and in order to discredit the national body.

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The body insisted that there has been no mass ‘murder’ at the Matloslana SPCA, adding that all visual proof circulating on social media were not taken at the Matloslana SPCA.

“Six dogs and a cat were euthanized by NSPCA personnel‚ at the request of the owner/s of the animals‚ due to various health reasons and old age‚ with the exception of one animal.”