NSPCA Investigates Company Over Dog Fight Advert


Dog fighting in South Africa? The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) says no!

The organization has disclosed that investigation into a dog fighting event has commenced – This was after a company advertised pictures of pit bull fights in northern Johannesburg on Monday.

The billboard, which was placed on a travelling A- frame trailer that stood at prominent traffic hot spots boldly advertised “Fight Night”.

The Council stated that it was inundated with reports from people after the picture of the bull fight went viral on social media sites. 

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NSPCA spokesperson Wendy Wilson maintained that the dog fighting is something that the Council is used to and don’t think that the general public is used to seeing such “brazen” fight.

Wilson said dog fighting and everything to do with it is 100% illegal and lamented that dog fighting is growing in South Africa and that there is a lot of money to be made out of the blood sport.

“Not only does it have a horrific impact on the animals involved, but it has a horrific (impact) on the communities involved – the children, the people and South Africa as a whole. It indicates a decaying society,” she said.

The National Council of SPCAs however expressed deep gratitude to all the caring and concerned citizens of South Africa who broke the silence and brought the dog fighting advert into the light.

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Dog fighting is illegal in South Africa. Owners who allow their dogs to fight, and even the spectators attending the fight, could face prosecution.

Its been found that dog fighting takes place under a blanket of secrecy and the perpetrators take extreme measures to ensure that they are not caught.

They also go as far as to setting up organisations that masquerade as anti-dog fighting groups in order to direct any tip offs about their activities their way.