NPA’s Shaun Abrahams Vows Never To Resign Despite Growing Calls


The National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) Shaun Abrahams insists he has no plan to resign despite the push and shove from all sides for him to do so.

The calls began flowing in after the so-called “blunder” made in the charges against the finance minister Pravin Gordhan by the NDPP.

The advocate who has been under fire since his recent announcement of the withdrawal of charges against the finance minister, maintained he has no reason to apologize to the minister or the public, claiming the charges were not blunders, but a matter of difference of legal opinions.

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Political parties like the DA, have blamed the NPA boss for the blunder saying the accusations made against the minister was unfounded and a complete show of shame, hence Abraham has to step down.

DA said the mistake is highly unacceptable and irresponsible and that Shaun Abrahams must be held responsible for the blunder.

The party went on to call on President Jacob Zuma to suspend Abrahams with immediate effect, quoting section 12(6) of the NPA Act, which said the President can provisionally suspend the NDPP from his office, pending such inquiry into his office as the President may deem fit.

The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) which also welcomed NDPP ‘s decision on the matter, said they were gravely disappointed that a matter of this magnitude and implications was decided clearly without first obtaining all the necessary information and that the charges were instituted in the first place.

The organization went on to support the move for Abraham to resign pointing out that the NDPP should have made doubly certain of the facts before inflicting the trauma he has on the economy‚ the image of the country as well as on the public.

“Mr. Abrahams made the public announcement. He should take responsibility for bringing the National Prosecuting Authority‚ the criminal justice system and the country into disrepute.”

In response to these growing calls, Abrahams said he felt people did not understand his powers. He further explained that he could not intervene in the matter until now, when he reviewed it.

“Will I resign? I certainly will not,” he told journalists when asked if he would step down.

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“This case is no different from any other matter,” he added, explaining his role in the matter, saying although he felt the way the case had been handled was not an issue of competency, he would look into whether heads needed to roll or not.

Shaun Abrahams however refused to answer questions about whether he was disappointed and embarrassed or not over how the matter unfolded.