‘NPA’s Appeal Is A Delay Tactic To Shield Zuma From Charges’ – DA


The Democratic Alliance has condemned NPA’s decision to appeal court ruling against President Zuma’s corruption Charges saying it is only a delay tactic to shield Zuma from his charges.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has on Monday, announced its decision to appeal the ruling‚ which had opened the door for charges to be reinstated against President Jacob Zuma but the DA believes it’s a deliberate act of conniving at Zuma’s corruption charges.

“This is a blatant delaying tactic to shield Zuma from facing the 783 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering leveled against him almost a decade ago.

“The NPA waited until the 11th hour to announce its appeal – and in doing so effectively told the people of South Africa that more public money will fund the process to delay and Shield Zuma from finally having his day in court.

“The DA has long held that the decision taken by the then acting National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP), Mokotedi Mpshe, to discontinue the prosecution was irrational, unreasonable and made with an ulterior political motive,” the party stated.

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The party claimed that its decision was vindicated by the North Gauteng High Court’s full bench when it found that “the envisaged prosecution against Mr Zuma was not tainted by the allegations against Mr McCarthy. Mr Zuma should face the Charges as outlined in the indictment.”

The national director of public prosecutions Shaun Abrahams who revealed the NPA’s decision on the matter while speaking to reporters in Pretoria said the decision was made after clear much consideration and not by the influence of the president or any political party.

“I will carry out my duties… without fear or favour or prejudice…I will always do what is correct, irrespective of whether the individual is an ordinary person, a cabinet minister or a sitting president,” he said.

But in reaction to this statement, the DA said the reason advanced by Abrahams is a farce.

“Abrahams is preoccupied with protecting President Zuma at all costs – no matter what the implications are for the Constitution, the taxpayer or due process. That Adv. Abrahams failed to consult Billy Downer is inexplicable considering Downer knows the case best and is inextricably linked to the matter.”

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However, the party still believes that President Zuma would not escape punishment for his corrupt practices as they would do their best to ensure that justice prevail in the matter.

“The matter is simple: President Zuma will eventually have his day in court, and justice will prevail, no matter how many tricks and delaying tactics are used by the state. The DA will not let this matter rest. President Zuma will face justice.”