NC ANC Members: ‘We Are Only Remembered During Elections’


Discontented Northern Cape ANC members expressed their grievance over the ruling party’s attitude of only remembering them when its time for elections, using them as toys while trampling on their fundamental human rights to make their vote count by choosing who leads in their various communities.

Friday saw Northern Cape ANC members from different branches of the Francis Baard region staging a picket outside St Georges Hotel in Irene‚ as the party holds its national list conference in the same venue.

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The party has been going through some fierce contest across the country as selection processes for those who will represent it in municipalities after the August 3 local elections are underway.

Speaking on behalf of Ward 3, Kagiso Makhubung complained that the regional and provincial leadership of the party had manipulated the list, replacing it with names of those who were not the choice of the ward members.

“There are protests in our communities as we speak and we came here to make it clear that we are not going to accept candidates we did not elect‚” said Makhubung.

Accusing fingers were pointing at ANC provincial secretary Soul Zamane as the brain behind the manipulation of the list.

While some of the protesters carried ANC flags, some others brandished placards saying‚ “Zamane Must Fall“‚ “Francis Baard list not democratic.”

For Ward 27, Llewellyn Volkwyn said the ANC leadership in the region was taking them for granted, imposing ideas and candidates on them without minding what they think.

“They think the ANC belongs to them and that we are just their voting cattle.

“They never come to our wards and branches to look into our issues and challenges but they are quick to come and impose Councillors for us during elections‚” Volkwyn said.

Another disgruntled member Christopher Korkie said the a previous election lost by the ANC in the ward was as a result of its traditional supporters voting opposition parties in protest after ward candidates were imposed on them by their leaders.

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“Our ward is under the DA now because of their greed.

“We lost the last election because of them because the people are not happy with the people that are being imposed on the ward.”

Another voice added that they are not ready to lose to the DA again in the upcoming elections and be subjected to another five years of their leadership.

Those leading the protesting Northern Cape ANC members were finally let inside the venue to formally lodge their complaint.