Foreigners Can No Longer Own Spaza Shops In North West Province – Premier Supra Mahumapelo


North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo, is dissatisfied with foreigners owning spaza shops in the province and will launch an attack to take the spaza shops, hand them to indigenous residents of the province, and cease further lease of the shops to foreigners.

Mahumapelo disclosed this yesterday at the official opening of provincial house of traditional leadership in Mahikeng. There, he related that the move is part of his development plans for the province’s economy.

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The implementation of the grass-root development plan will essentially ensure that foreigners who own spaza shops in North West take their businesses elsewhere.

Speaking, Mahumapelo said; “you would realize that the tuck shops for instance have been leased to foreign nationals, so one of the things we want to attack, working with the traditional leaders is that people must get back their shops.”

According to him, plans are under way for the province to have four warehouses where tuck shops will be supplied with everything that people require at the village.

As unveiled, his government in partnership with the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce (Nafcoc) is working to provide surety and guarantees worth R200-million.

They will “establish and stock massive warehouses in all four of the province’s districts in order to reignite small enterprises such as tuck shops,” Sowetan Live reports.

The Premier explained that the plans will ensure an overall economic stability in the province. “If there is no stability, investors will not have confidence to invest in the province.”

And “it means our people will leave under fear when there is no stability,” Mahumapelo said.

Commenting, house of traditional leadership chairman Chief Madoda Zibi highlighted that the Premier’s plan will help control land use in the province.

“The village development plan is something that is very necessary when it comes to development, otherwise you will do things haphazardly when you do planning at village level…

Land is very crucial…if you just put anything anywhere, at the end of the day you will find that you have some congestion and there won’t be any way of controlling the use of land,” Zibi added.

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