Nomzamo Mbatha’s Net Worth and Career Milestones She Earned Big From

Nomazo Mbatha’s net Worth is $3 million, the equivalent of R50 million. She is a South African actress, television personality, businesswoman, accountant, and human rights activist. Her involvement in several humanitarian and money-making ventures earned her a place in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018.

A major part of Nomzamo Mbatha’s net worth came from acting, but the 33 year-old has had a diversified career that has seen her earn from her businesses and as a brand ambassador for major international and national brands. This affords her a luxurious lifestyle, as shown on her Instagram account.

Nomzamo Mbatha’s Net Worth is Mostly From Acting

Born on the 13th of July 1990, Nomzamo Mbatha entered the South African film industry at the age of 22 but rose to be named among the richest and most prominent South African actresses. The 33-year-old started her journey to fame when she made it to the final of the MTV Base VJ Search 2012. The show contributed to her becoming famous because it was an audition between 600 participants, and she made it to the last three.

She is popularly known for her role as Thandeka in IsiBaya, which she played for over seven years until her character was phased out in the soapie through her death. Her exit from Isibaya was very touching to viewers who were already used to seeing her in the movie.

The exact amount she was paid for the role is unknown, but starring in the lead role for almost a decade shows that she must have earned a huge pay from her time on the production.

She Has Also Made Money From Acting in Other Roles

Although Nomzamo Mbatha was a part of Isibaya for almost a decade – which almost spans throughout the number of years she has been in the acting industry – she has been able to also play other roles in a couple of other movies, which have contributed to have fame and $3 million net worth.

Her outstanding acting talent landed her other acting roles. She has featured in two South African telenovelas, Me Sweet Something and Umlilo, in 2015. The year continued to be a good year for her as she also landed the role of the host of the reality TV show Holiday Swap and also played a role in the movie The Jakes Are Missing that same year. In 2017, she starred in the movie All About Love.

Information about the exact amount she was paid in all of these roles remains under wraps. As such, we may not be able to give an exact estimate. However, it is a fact that earnings from these appearances contributed to Nomzamo Mbatha’s net worth.

Nomzamo Mbatha Made Her Debut Performance In Hollywood In 2020

Nomzamo Mbatha’s talent has not only been noticed by South African producers. When she auditioned for a role in Eddie Murphy’s blockbuster movie, Coming 2 America, she wished she would be picked to play a role, and as they say, her wish did come true. Nomzamo knew it would be a major milestone for her if she made it through the audition and gets selected.

She eventually did make it through and was privileged to feature in the movie alongside Hollywood veteran actors like Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, James Earl Jones, and so many others. In the movie, she played the role of ‘Mirembe,’ a local Zamunda palace help who refuses to accept the narrative of other Zamundan women. She comes in contact with the prince in her capacity as the ‘Royal Grommer,’ which changes her life.

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Like her previous features, the amount she was paid is unknown, but considering that it is a box office movie, you can tell that she made good money from it.

Brand Endorsements Have Also Contributed To Nomzamo Mbatha’s Net Worth

Just like most celebrities, Nomzamo Mbatha also makes money from brand endorsement deals. And considering the celebrity status she has attained, you can easily tell that most of the brands she partners with are internationally acclaimed. Saying 2015 was a good year for Nomzamo would probably be an understatement because her talent and beauty seemed to have gotten more recognition that year.

Aside from the movie roles she landed, she was also privileged to become the first South African to become the face of Neutrogena products, which she still advertises on her Instagram handle, which has over 2 million followers.

In 2019, a year after she was named one of Forbes 30 under 30, she became the Goodwill Ambassador at the United Nations Refugee Agency, and this was another major milestone for her. She has also partnered with brands like L’Oreal Paris and Audi. She is a major fan of Audi, and the company sees her as a perfect celebrity to endorse their automobile products in South Africa because her progressive life tells the company’s story.

Other major brands Nomzamo Mbatha has partnered with include PUMA and McDonald’s. She has truly built a domain of class and respect for herself that international companies see as a perfect celebrity to work with.

Nomzamo is not very open about her financial life, so knowing how much she makes from her endorsement, partnership, and brand ambassadorship is very difficult. But with a net worth of $3 million and brand endorsement from big international brands, you can easily tell that she makes a lot from brand endorsements.

Nomzamo Mbatha Spends Her Money By Giving Back To The Society

It is widespread for celebrities to start living luxurious lives, buying so many fast and expensive cars and owning numerous mansions, and Nomzamo actually lives a luxurious life. She wears clothes made by big designers and brands and spends time traveling around the world. She got herself an Audi SQ5 worth about R1 million. Considering all her hard work, she totally deserves all the luxury.

Despite the above, the South African actress is also a philanthropist. Nomzamo Mbatha is the founder of Nomzamo Lighthouse, a non-profit organization that reaches out to the vulnerable and marginalized in society. Through the foundation, she visits schools and empowers children who do not have access to the best education.

In 2019, she won an award at the African pop-culture awards for being a philanthropist. She is an inspiration to so many females out there. Her financial success and passion for helping the vulnerable are something that most celebrities and rich people like her should emulate to make the country a better place.

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