There’s No One Left In The ANC To Turn Things Around, Not Even Ramaphosa


The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has for sometimes now, been labeled a self-centered party that has no meaningful intentions for South Africans.

Now an anonymous writer sealed it all by describing the party as not having a leader, not even the proposed future leader of the country, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The writer, who described the ruling party as a party totally damaged by corruption and selfishness traced their major failure to the party’s dismissal of the now leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter,  Julius Malema.

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The writer noted that the ANCYL, previously referred to as kingmakers when Malema was its president, has now become an irrelevant organisation, disconnected from the many young South Africans it is meant to serve, who in turn, have found a new home in the EFF.

“I wonder what Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom, who announced Malema’s expulsion, are thinking now.

Maybe they are singing R Kelly’s song If I could Turn Back The Hands Of Time. Whatever they are thinking, it is too late. The damage has been done.”the anonymous writer noted on the citizen. 

Ramaphosa is no longer the man we knew before the ANC came into power. There is no one left in the ANC to turn things around. I had hopes for Minister of Sports Fikile Mbalula and Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba, but they are finished. Interestingly, they are both former ANCYL leaders.”

The writer’s words about the deputy president echoes those Malema who said he ( Ramaphosa) and Patrice Motsepe have “sold their black skin to become rich”.

Malema who was then addressing students at Oxford Union in the United Kingdom, said the likes of mining magnate Motsepe and Deputy President Ramaphosa were billionaires today even though they had ‘not invented anything, unlike that young man who invented Facebook’.

Nevertheless, Cyril Ramaphosa is widely described as Nelson Mandela’s favoured son, and Mandela’s chosen one, the future president of South Africa who will take the country to a better and greater height after Zuma is gone

 However, critics disapprove this believe claiming that he (Ramaphosa) like other notable leaders in the party, is already tainted by the crimes of President Zuma and will therefore not escape due punishment.

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The writer ended is piece by describing the ANC as that glorious movement that once brought the people’s freedom, but is under pressure.

“It has to accede to certain demands, but not the recall of President Jacob Zuma. I shed a tear sometimes when I see the party my late mother loved so dearly being destroyed”.

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