‘No One Cares Because We’re Black’ Family Of A Murdered Teenager Cried


The recent murder of a 16- year-old Franziska Blöchliger and the various steps the police and the court have taken the case has been attached to racial criticisms especially as the family of a Khayelitsha teen who was murdered and shoved into a toilet bowl last week raise an alarm that their daughter’s case was abandoned.

The family of the teenager whose half body was shoved in a toilet lamented that the police had abandoned their daughter’s murder case which occurred just a week before the murder of the 16-year-old White South African took place.

The Khayelitshan family said they saw how the murder case of  Franziska was handled by both the police and the public, then they realized why it was so. Family member Dan Mtana said;

We saw the Tokai murder on television, but it made us realize that no one cares about us, because we are black.

I mean, when the Tokai murder occurred police focused all their energy on it. What about my sister? We are angry.”

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The 19-year-old Sinoxolo Mafevuka’s half-naked body was found in a communal toilet just a few hundred metres from her Khayelitsha home. The teen was reportedly strangled to death. Her head was then placed in the toilet bowl, with the rest of her body facing the door. Sinoxolo’s clothes were found in the cistern.

Police was yet to take statements from Mafevuka’s family, while there have been four arrests for Franziska’s murder.

Lashing out on the police, Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu has declared her worry over the rising trend of racism even on matters that needed an urgent address. She said the Khayelitsha police was not being fair in treating the two cases.

According to news24, the Sotyu said that the Khayelitsha police had not communicated on their investigation into Sinoxolo’s murder but that they communicated more on the latest murder of the 16-year-old Franziska.

“Everywhere you go here, the focus is on Franziska. When is it going to be Sinoxolo’s turn? Sutyu asked as explained how she would also feel if it was her daughter’s case that was abandoned.

“I am a mother of children of the same age as Franziska and Sinoxolo, you can’t expect me to sit in my office and say the police have it handled,” she said.

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Sotya was further reported to have recounted how devastating it is that people forgot about Sinoxolo except for the police who are yet to capture the murderers. “They came up with arrests of suspects in the Tokai case, and yet when it comes to Sinoxolo, we didn’t hear anything about arrests, about witnesses. Nothing,” she pointed out.

However, the cluster commander Major-General Brigadier Johan Brand has denied abandoning the case. The commander said that Sergeant Davids and a second investigator Sergeant van Niekerk are investigating the case and that the crime scene was properly done.

Brand further noted that three suspects have been identified but that the police was waiting for DNA tests to link them to Sinoxolo’s case. “I give it a priority like any other case. I am frustrated,” said Brand.