Red Overalls In Parliament Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past


Red overalls in Parliament will soon be a thing of the past. This development follows an African National Congress (ANC) MP and rules review subcommittee chairperson, Richard Mdakane’s revelation that Parliament’s decision to enforce appropriate dress code in the National Assembly was not targeted at any party.

“Parties and individuals come and go,” he added.

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Mdakane further asserted that the review for imposition of a dress code began before the Economic Freedom Fighter’s two dozen MPs arrived in parliament in 2014, but the process was delayed to allow them [EFF] to participate in the review.

He also stated that according to the final draft of the proposed guidelines presented by parliament’s review of rules subcommittee, overalls, helmets and gumboots are among informal wear and also the use of headgear in Parlaiment was deemed inappropriate.

Mdakane said the new dress code guidelines will be adopted before parliament’s current term comes to an end by next month since the guideline has been considered and adopted.

EFF Members First Appearance in Red Overalls

In 2014, EFF members raised eyebrows when they first arrived in parliament. The opposition MPs were seen wearing red overalls, hard hats and gumboots. However, following this latest development, the red-colour freedom fighters will soon be barred from wearing their trademark overalls, hard hats and gumboots in parliament as rules state that MPs should dress in a manner befitting the decorum of both houses.

Meanwhile, EFF leader Julius Malema has expressed his undying love for South Africa. The defiant leader asserted that he loves the rainbow nation more than he loved the EFF.

Speaking to a community meeting in Meadowlands on Thursday, Malema said, “I love South Africa more than I love any party. More than I love the EFF.” He made it clear that he is only protecting the constitution of SA and not fighting any ANC member.

“They say Malema was kicked out, that is why he is fighting ANC. I’m not fighting anyone, I’m fighting for the Constitution. “If [we] allow them to destroy the Constitution, they will rape you, they will rape your kids. Police will have no laws,” he said.

As for the EFF, he warned critics to stay far off and should not belittle the freedom party. “We are not going to allow them to turn South Africa into another failed African state. You should never undermine the EFF. Look at the Guptas, they are gone,” he boasted.

Malema’s assertion lies in contrast with President Zuma’s declaration, which he made last year. We will recall that last year, President Zuma caused a stir after saying that he loved the ANC more than he loved the country.

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