No Holy Cows: 3 Things You Need To Know About Vytjie Mentor’s New Book


No Holy Cows: Former chairperson of the African National Congress parliamentary caucus Vytjie Mentor has self-publish a book detailing how she was sexually harassed by President Jacob Zuma.

Mentor has always been in the news – long before she shot to fame in 2016 for revealing that she had been offered the post of Public Enterprises Minister by the wealthy Gupta family.

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Here’s what you need to know about the book

  • The name of the book is No Holy Cows

Mentor is expected to speak more on the title of the book on Thursday 13 July 2017 when she will take questions and also address the Cape Town Press Club.

Time for the meeting is 12.30 while the venue is Spin Street Restaurant/Dakar Room at back.

  • No Holy Cows tells the story of Mentor’s life and her involvement in ANC politics and how President Zuma harassed her sexually.

South Africa’s most prominent whistleblower Vytjie Mentor, in her book, spilled the beans about President Jacob Zuma’s promiscuous nature and how he sexually harassed her when he was still the deputy president of the country.

In her book, Mentor wrote that she had visited Zuma in his office when she was still serving in the government.

“The Deputy President [Zuma] asked the guard that was in the office to leave, promising that he would be safe in my presence. He suggested that rather than sitting at the table in the room, we should move to a couch.

I did not suspect any foul play and I responded positively to his suggestion by taking my handbag and paperwork to go and sit (sic) on the coach that was the nearest to the boardroom table.

The long and short of it was: He sat right next to me in a very tight way. This surprised me and made me feel “very uncomfortable”. As I moved away, he moved closer to me again, and so I stood up and went to sit on the other couch and he followed me.

At that point, I wanted to leave, but I decided to stay for a few more minutes to see what he was actually up to. I did this because I wanted to satisfy myself …beyond doubt … I wanted to be certain without any fear of contradiction that what the Deputy President was trying to do was to take advantage of me.

The then deputy president shoved his hand between Mentor’s thighs. He chastised me and told me to stop behaving like a child. He told her she was “intombi endala” (a grown up girl or a young lady) and she must act as such. He went further and shoved his hand in between my thighs. He did this “very fast” and pushed it (his hand) as deep as he could and he did this with intent. I was wearing stockings and I have big inner-thighs that became the wall (barrier) that stopped his hand from travelling further up towards my pubic area.

At that point, I lost my cool and I grabbed my handbag from the coffee table, and with full-force and a mighty swing, I slapped him across his ugly face with my handbag and thereafter I rushed very fast out of his office……”

Mentor added that from that day onwards she came to know how filthy Zuma was and how she preys on promising young women in the political sphere.

  • No Holy Cows sells for R240 for CTPC members

This price is strictly for members of the Cape Town Press Club. Members, can as well, make cheque payments for the book but this time for R280. Guests attending the meeting on Thursday will pay R300 for the book or R340 – if cheque payment.

Mentor was appointed the chairperson of the African National Congress parliamentary caucus in the early mid-2000s. She also served as the chairperson of the public enterprises portfolio committee.

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Her journey to Parliament started three years after the 1999 election. She later lost her seat in Parliament.