LIVE: #NoConfidence Debate: Zuma Will Soon Rename SA Gupta Land – EFF


While the “No Confidence Debate” continues, the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) calls on South Africans to take immediate action against Zuma least he renames the country ‘Gupta land’.

The house of parliament has been hotly debated among MPs representing different political parties. Among them are the EFF and Democratic Alliance (DA).

The EFF MP Floyd Shivambu, started his speech by condemning the ANC MPs for strongly supporting their party head, Zuma against the wish of the masses who elected them in.

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He said soon Zuma will rename the country under the Gupta family as he mentioned Minister Zwane and Minister Van Rooyen as two individuals appointed by the Gupta family.

“That is why they took him [van Rooyen] to a corruption induction for seven days in a row,

“He is going to arrest all of you, he is going to kill you. We are going to bring Zuma down, he is going to fall,” he reportedly said at the parliament’s no confidence debate

Like the EFF, the DA, who first lunched the motion maintained that Zuma has exceeded his time of grace and should, therefore, be removed before he causes more havoc in the country.

Sej Motau for the DA said President Zuma should have never been the president of South Africa let alone electing him the second time.

He went on to make mention that the recent decision by NDPP cost SA economy R50bn in 24 hours and Zuma must “man up” and face his corruption charges.

Speaking further on the No confidence debate, Mangosuthu Buthelezi of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) said the cry for the president to step down is echoing from all over the country and he regrets it all because Zuma will not listen to his advice.

While all these went on, the ANC maintained that it would not relent in its support for the president but will not distort the spirit of our constitution. Hence, ANC MPs say “we accepted the outcome despite there being no clear winner”

“They are trying hard to distract the ANC and government led by President Zuma from dealing with poverty, unemployment & inequality,” says ANC MP, Nomvula Mokonyane

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While this is going on, the ANC faction supporting the president gathered in front of the parliament dancing and singing “we love you Zuma” as they await the parliament’s final decision on the matter

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