Masoja Msiza Became A Victim of Car Crash Death Hoax – Meet Him

Masoja Msiza (born 5 October 1964) is a 59-year-old South African actor, poet and musician who is popularly known for his role as “Nkunzi Mhlongo” in the award-winning telenovela Uzalo. He was a victim of death hoax which went viral in 2020.

Masoja Msiza has won the hearts of many South Africans for his portrayal of Nkunzi in the hit TV show, Uzalo. He almost came to break those hearts in early September when news emerged that the star actor had lost his life to a car crash. The news of his death which happens to be fake took social media by storm before soon escalating to other news websites and traditional media.

In an exciting twist for the fans of the beloved actor, Msiza took to his social media to allay the fears of everyone and rubbish the unfounded hoax, stating that not only was he alive, but he was also fine and kicking well through the mercy of God. The rumor, according to him was started by the envious and haters who had no work but to talk about people who are busy making a success of their lives.

Nkunzi or The Voice as he is famously known, Masoja Msiza was born on 5 October 1964 in KwaThema, Gauteng, South Africa, and started his career in 1992. By the time he got his all-important role of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo in Uzalo, he had already made appearances in many films and TV shows including Sokhulu & Partners, Zone 14, Isibaya, Isidingo, and Shreds and Dreams. More so, he has published a number of poems including Time to Rhyme, The 8th Man, and Women and the Ocean. By and large, he is a complete man both professionally and on a personal level.

Summary of Masoja Msiza’s Biography

  • Full Name: Masoja Josiah Msiza
  • Age: 59 years old (Born 5 October, 1964)
  • Place of Birth: Kwa-Thema, Springs, South Africa
  • Best Known as: “Nkunzi Mhlongo” from Uzalo TV Series
  • Profession: Poet, Actor, and Musician

Masoja Msiza Was Brought Up By His Relatives

The Gauteng born actor has come to portray strength in most of his works, something that has been a part of him since he was a young boy. His parents did not have the best of relationships, as his mother had him and his two other siblings by three different men, none of whom she was married to, and none of whom was involved in the lives of the kids.

Because of that, the actor and his siblings were all brought up by different relatives. Msiza was raised by his grandmother and did not get to be close to his father and whey he met him for the first time, he was already a 14 year old teenager. In fact, he only got to see his father’s family on some holidays when he was lucky but for the most part, he was with his grandmother.

The actor had always loved acting and performance since he was a kid. At the age of 9, he was already performing in school dramas while also falling in love with poetry. By the time he was 14, he was already participating in school drama competitions, one of which he won.

Masoja Msiza Got Famous For His Role as Nkunzi In Uzalo

The professional life of Masoja Msiza first kicked off after his education and working as a miner. However, he was later fired alongside others for taking part in a strike. Rather than tear him down, this propelled him to deciding to channel his energy towards his first love; acting. Like many other greats, he got his first role in a play, Mfowethu which was written and directed by the late celebrated South African playwright, Gibson Kente. Again like many other famous actors, he soon transitioned from stage to screen. He took part in more than ten productions including the popular TV series, Isidingo, Isibaya, and Uzalo.

A List of Masoja Msiza’s Popular TV Appearances:

  • Sokhulu & Partners (2011) (as Mthethwa)
  • Zama Zama (2012) (as Oliver)
  • Inkaba (as Goodman)
  • Intersexions (as Mhinga)
  • Mfolozi Street (as Mandla)
  • (as Bheki)
  • Rhythm City (as Joe Malefane)
  • A Million Colours (2011)
  • A Place Called Home (as Hudson)
  • Kalushi: The Story of Solomon Mahlangu (2016) (as Rev. Ndlovu)
  • Isibaya (as Bhodlimpi)
  • Zone 14 (as Thomas)
  • Ring of Lies (as Mandla)
  • Shreds and Dreams (as Msoja Msiza)
  • Umlilo (as Welcome)
  • Isidingo (as Saul)
  • Jozi Streets (as Vusi)
  • Zabalaza (2013) (as Larry)
  • Ya Lla (as Gate Guard)
  • Uzalo (as Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo/Nkunzi)

Even though he had many roles to his name, what became his biggest break yet, remains his portrayal of Nkunzebomvu “Nkunzi” Mhlongo in the SABC1 show, Uzalo. Nkunzi is a ruthless villain in the show, who has a rather interesting love story with his wife Mangcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) and has no problem going any length to get what he wants as well as take care of his wife and daughter. The actor got the role when the show was in its third season, but it still did not stop him from becoming one of the important cast members.

When he got the role to appear in the well-followed series, Masoja Msiza knew his Zulu was not perfect since it was more of Joburg Zulu, but he still decided to take the risk, having learned the language and culture on his own. Even though there were criticisms along the way, it still paid off for him when one considers the success he has registered as a result of the show.

Before his acting career and getting featured on Uzalo, he was first a poet, as already stated, and now, having made a name as an actor, he is building a career as a musician.

Masoja Msiza also has a number of poems and songs to his name:

  • Time to Rhyme
  • My Love
  • Hallelujah
  • Women and the Ocean
  • Judas
  • Babulawelani
  • The Click Poem
  • Nokuthula
  • The 8th Man
  • Hamba Nami
  • Mbali
  • My Skin

The Cycle of Divorce Continued With Him

The experience of Nkunzi as a child was something he didn’t want his children to experience, but life had a different plan for him. The actor tied the knot to a woman whose name is unknown, and the date of their marriage or other details about it are not known either. Nonetheless, their union was blessed with three kids who have been kept away from the public.

Masoja Msiza
Masoja Msiza and Dawn Thandeka King (Image Source)

Before his marriage and while he was much younger, Masoja used to believe that men were supposed to use their strength to always intimidate and show women their position in society. Also, he was a heavy drinker who had no respect for women or for anything that was right. However, as he got matured, he understood better and hoped to be a better man with a great family.

This was, unfortunately, not to be as his relationship with his wife hit the rocks years after they got together. The natural-born entertainer stated that because of the rocky relationship with his wife, he is unable to feature in the lives of his son and two daughters as he would have wanted, fearing that they do not experience the same thing he did. He gets to meet the kids once in a while when he goes to Johannesburg, mostly during the holidays. He is already used to this because he also experienced it together with his siblings while growing up.

That said, the Uzalo actor is an activist against domestic abuse and he goes to prisons, schools, and wherever he gets invited to share his story to help others to learn towards societal change.

The False News About The Death of Masoja Msiza

Hoax about the death of celebrities is not something new, most especially on social media. Like many others, the rumored death of Msiza began on social media, although the actual source that started it cannot be traced.

According to the reports, Masoja Msiza met his death in a car crash on his way back from a fuel station. As social media got abuzz with the news, the actor recorded a video in which he clearly spelled out that he was alive and the entire news was fake. More importantly, he was not involved in the rumored accident.

He encouraged fans to share the video so as to allay the fears of others who mean him well.

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