‘If You Vote In Nkandla, Prepare For Your Funeral’


While all move with much enthusiasm to cast their vote and elect who they deemed fit to lead them, Nkandla residents in KwaZulu-Natal were on Wednesday morning greeted with a note ordering them not to participate in the elections except they want to die.

“If you have voted, tell your family to prepare for your funeral.” were the words written in a letter that was photocopied and distributed at voting stations in Nkandla.

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According to a press release issued by the ANC in KZN a short while after,  the letter was apparently targeting young voters with threatening messages, which are “likely to deter them from exercising their voting right”.

“The message warns young people of possible violence if they don’t stay away from voting stations and argues they should concern themselves with education,” ANC KZN read as it went ahead to condemned the anonymous “letter of intimidation”.

KZN letter

A rough translation of the letter according to Zululand observer says:

‘A person came here to get an education. Focus on school and forget about elections.

We will watch you and whoever will vote will force a problem. 

There are a few we will catch and make them an example.

If you have voted, tell your family to prepare the funeral and start practicing the funeral songs. 

Even if they transport you in buses, they won’t be able to protect you after the elections. 

So don’t get yourself into trouble.’

Meanwhile, president Jacob Zuma, alongside his family were seen at his Nkandla hometown in KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday morning, in a bid to cast his own vote.

There, he urged the Nkandla residents and all South African citizen to follow suit.

“I want to believe South Africa is a leading democracy in Africa… (we have) a good system that shows how democracy works,” he said.

Zuma went on to say that one of the reasons he decided to vote was because through the ANC, the municipality to develop the area and improve the quality of life for all.

“That is why I vote here and I will be buried here.”

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The president said that he was pleased with the campaigning leading up to the elections, which showed that political parties had behaved well.

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