You Can Now Kick Against ‘Nkandla Air Vanity Project’


South Africa’s official opposition party said daddy Zuma must not have his new jet. The party today, launched an online petition and called on South Africans to sign the petition as it is their only chance to kick against the “Nkandla Air Vanity Project” aimed at buying President Zuma R4 billion VVIP jet.

Addressing his audience at a youth rally in Khayelitsha, Cape town, DA leader Mmusi Maimane asserted that President Zuma ought to put South Africa’s needs ahead of his own wants.

He must reject this frivolous and disproportionate spending while South Africans continue to suffer and live without hope. South Africans want jobs, not jets, Maimane asserted.

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“Fellow South Africans,” he said. “The biggest disgrace under Zuma’s presidency has not been the millions squandered at Nkandla. It’s not the Gupta’s landing at Waterkloof airbase. It’s not his allowing Omar Al-Bashir to escape. It’s not his failure to comply with the Public Protector’s report.

It’s not his push to sign off on a trillion Rand nuclear deal. It’s not the Gupta brothers offering cabinet posts. It’s not even the crash of the Rand following Nenegate.

The biggest disgrace is that under President Zuma’s presidency 2 million more South Africans have joined the ranks of the unemployed, and the hope of finding a job for the 8.9 million unemployed South Africans has all but evaporated.

Yet, the ANC government finds it appropriate to announce that President Zuma will be handed a brand new luxury presidential jet – estimated to cost the public R4 billion. This (is) despite the fact that the President’s current jet remains, in terms of aircraft standards, relatively new and fit for purpose.”

He said the nation must unanimously reject buying Zuma the jet describing the move as a sheer waste of public funds on “Nkandla Air vanity project.”

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He thereafter estimated that R4 billion could pay for over 606 000 work opportunities for young South Africans, could pay for supporting 80 000 new entrepreneurs with R 50 000 start-up grant each, and could pay for over 53 000 full NFSAS bursaries to cover fees, accommodation, transport and textbooks for young South Africans.

You can kick against the “Nkandla Air vanity project” here.