Stop Opening Accounts For Nigerian Fraudsters, Hawks Warns South Africans


Okay, feel-free to substitute the “Nigerians” in the headline with “fraudsters”. But we can as well say “Nigerian fraudsters”. Hawks said they’ve arrested over 55 suspects for fraud crimes and that “most of them” are Nigerian nationals.

The Nigerian fraudsters were arrested for crimes varying from internet fraud, phishing and sim swap fraud.

Following the arrests, it was uncovered that the account numbers used by the suspects to transfer money were opened by South Africans who willingly handed their ATM cards and details to the fraudsters for a pay.

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In line with that, Hawks issued a statement warning South Africans to desist from accepting money and opening accounts for other people.

According to the South African Police Service’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks), they “of late detected a trend in which people receive money in order to open bank accounts for people they do not even know.”

As related, investigations “revealed that most people have become the subjects of investigations after their accounts were found to have been used to either receive or transfer money, which has been defrauded from other victims.

Criminals who hack people’s online banking details use those recklessly opened bank accounts to distribute the money online and make withdrawals throughout the country.

The Hawks are issuing a stern warning to people who open bank accounts not to give their cards and pin numbers to anyone, or risk becoming accomplices to various crimes,” Hawks warned.

With the foregoing, Hawks divulged that online dating is another major method the criminals use to defraud unsuspecting women.

The Priority Crime Investigation unit charged those visiting dating sites to avoid depositing or transferring any money without verifying and authenticating the identity of person receiving the money.

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They narrated that two women were recently, defrauded of R900 000 and R170 000 by Nigerian fraudsters who posed as suitors from Belgium and Scotland.

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