Police Minister Urges Malema To lay Charges Against Cops That Harassed Him


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader was travelling back to Sandton from Soweto on Sunday night‚ where he took part in an election manifesto meeting‚ when some cops allegedly forced him out of his car and pointed rifles at him.

Relating the incidence, Malema tweeted, Julius Sello Malema ‎@Julius_S_Malema
Just survived police harassment at Grayston off-ramp,12 police men pointed me with rifles and forced me out of the car..

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Following the incidence, the leader has been urged by Police Minister Nathi Nhleko to lay charges against the cops who he claimed had harassed him. Nhleko, who made this known on Monday asserted that Malema should have reported to the police instead of posting the incidence on social media.

He said, “It would help the police immensely if Mr Malema were to report the incident – and other incidents referred to by the EFF spokesperson so that these could be investigated thoroughly.

He also requested national leaders to ensure that they do not make allusive or oblique remarks or hints without following up their complains.

“I appeal to all leaders – political, business, traditional or even church leaders to show leadership and desist from making innuendos without following up with necessary action so that all complaints will be dealt with,” Nhleko said in a statement.

He added that “It does not serve any purpose to accuse police without opening the necessary complaint to allow the police to fully investigate these complaints. If any of the members were to be found to have acted or are acting outside of the SAPS Code of Conduct, I would urge the Acting National Commissioner to take necessary action against those members as soon as possible.”

Following the incidence, EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has boasted that Malema, who was stopped by a white unmarked van at the Grayston Drive offramp on Sunday night is braver than 10 Million armies.

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Ndlozi further recalled that after the cops had pointed a gun at Malema, “The CIC [commander-in-chief] Julius Malema got out and the police all did nothing, claiming it was a mistake. He forced his way around the police cars, driving over the pavements and drove off.”

The EFF said the incident was “a clear act of intimidation and demonstration that the enemy is following our CIC Julius Malema around”.

“Now that their criminal charges and SARS cases were not successful to subdue the rising Lion of the North. Now that they failed to stop him from building what has become the largest left revolutionary movement in the country in form of the EFF. Now that even the highest courts of the country have given rulings of no confidence in the government of the day due to the relentless, brave and uncompromising fight that the CIC Julius Malema has sustained, the enemy is going for his security, physically seeking to subdue him into fear,” the EFF said.

Meanwhile, EFF’s spokesperson is yet to confirm if Malema was planning to lay charges or not.