Nhlanhla Lux Net Worth and Cars

Nhlanhla Lux net worth is estimated at $1 million. The South African activist, businessman, and pilot has a good number of expensive automobiles, including a McLaren Mp4 2020 limited edition.

Originally born Nhlanhla Paballo Mohlauli, Lux rose to prominence as a part of those who defended shopping malls in Soweto during the looting riots that took place in July 2021 following the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma.

Nhlanhla Lux is a Soweto-born Business Mogul

Mr. Lux was born into an average family on September 2, 1986, to Mr. and Mrs. Mohlauli. While he was born and primarily raised in Soweto, Nhlanhla spent a great deal of time shuttling between Dube and Meadowlands after his parents separated.

Coming from a family where his father had been a gangster and thief, it’s a miracle that Nhlanhla was able to completely forge a different path for himself. He had his elementary school education at Pankhurst primary school and his secondary school education at Jeppe high school.

At Jeppe, Nhlanhla put on an incredible display of sportsmanship, earning himself a scholarship to the prestigious St David’s Marist Inanda, a Catholic private boys school in Johannesburg.

Nhlanhla Lux then attended the University of Johannesburg where he studied Political Science. This was also the genesis of his activism journey. While in college, Nhlanhla became the campus ANC youth league secretary.

Information on how he became a qualified pilot isn’t quite available currently, but there is enough evidence to prove that his flying career is no fluke. At a relatively young age, Nhlanhla Lux has achieved incredible things and obviously has financial success to show for all his hard work.

Sources of Nhlanhla Lux’s Net Worth

Nhlanhla is one of the richest men in Soweto although substantial information about his businesses is yet to be publicized. However, he has a couple of known business endeavors through which he makes his money.

Here’s a breakdown of how the activist built his massive financial empire.

Native Airways

Nhlanhla reportedly owns over 10 registered companies and among these businesses, the most publicly known is his privately owned aviation company, Native Airways. The company is known for leasing out helicopters and private jets to clients that require them.

Lux makes substantial earnings from his aviation company.

Political Career

Nhlanhla Lux was the former leader of a patriotic movement Soweto parliament. He was also a member of the Naturena Community Policing Forum’s patrol group in the year 2019. He has also been seen attending meetings with the African National Congress (ANC) branch in Gauteng.

Private Flying Career

Nhlanhla is also a certified pilot who learned to fly after successfully completing training in an unnamed flight school. His career as a pilot is one of his highest-paying ones as a pilot is estimated to earn an income of at least $150k yearly in South Africa.

A recap of Nhlanhla Lux’s sources of income

  • Native Airways
  • Political career
  • Private flying career

Nhlanhla Lux Has Several Luxury Cars

Nhlanhla Lux has all the markings of a heavy spender. He seems to have an appetite for not just for challenging injustices, but for spending heavily on himself. The activist is known to have a great taste for exotic cars.

While the exact number and type of cars in Nhlanhla’s fleet are currently unknown, he does have one car that he is mostly seen in and that is the McLaren Mp4 limited edition, which he purchased in December 2020.

As a limited edition luxury car, the McLaren Mp4 reportedly made a dent of over R3.3 million in the pilot’s pockets.

Here is a look at the specifications and features of the McLaren Mp4.

  • The McLaren Mp4 is powered by a 3.8-liter, twin-turbo, V8 engine.
  •  Its maximum acceleration time is 3.3 seconds with a top speed of 330 km/h.
  • The car’s horsepower is 616 hp @ 7,500 rpm.
  • The McLaren Mp4 has a torque of 443 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
  • The car also sports a 32-valve system as well as a double overhead camera.
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