Malema Picks Up Another Fight – Insists The People Select Next Public Protector


Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the EFF’s Commander-in-Chief, he’s picked up another fight for the people.

As culled from a News24 report, Julius Malema has called for the public to be involved in the selection of the next Public protector to avert the possibility of the post being hijacked by individuals with ulterior motives.

Although the chairperson of Parliament’s ad hoc committee for the nomination of the next Public Protector, Makhosi Khoza, vowed that the process will be transparent, Juju wants to ensure it is.

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“It’s going to be very transparent. There is not going to be under carpet dealings. We are subjecting process to public participation as all other committees of parliament are,” Khoza said.

Malema however, insisted that the public must nominate, object and comment on the selection process.

“They must nominate, they must object and they must comment,” Juju stressed as he called on the public to get involved in the process.

To him, that’s the only way to ensure that a party isn’t able to use their majority against the will of the people.

“Politicians have got a tendency to think that, once elected, they must do everything for the public and the public will only be involved during voting after five years. I subscribe to a principle that says voters must follow their vote, they must be involved in the process,” Malema insisted.

DA’s Glynnis Breytenbach endorsed Juju’s sentiment stating: “we’ve seen how important it is to meet that standard. We are looking for someone who will conduct themselves without fear, favour or prejudice, who is capable of being objective in the face of adversity.”

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The committee tasked to oversee the nominations for the Public Protector position which will be vacant in October, are expected to report back to the National Assembly come end of August.