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Zindzi Mandela is the South African Ambassador to Denmark, she was born on the 23rd of December 1960 and she is the second of Nelson Mandela’s daughters.

Zindzi Mandela’s Personal Life

Zindzi Mandela was born in Soweto, during the year her parents (Nelson & Winnie Mandela) were wanted by the government. She was 18 months old when her father was sent to prison and the frequent sending of her mother to prison too; left her in the care of her older sister “Zenani Mandela”.

In 1985 Zindzi was already reading and speaking to the public on behalf of her parents. On the 10th of February that same year; she was chosen to read her father’s refusal speech when he was offered a conditional release by the South African president “PW Botha”.

Zindzi Mandela has four children by her first husband; she eventually had a divorce with him, which led to her second marriage in 2013. She got married to a South African National Defence Force by the name; Molapo Motlhajwa. The second marriage didn’t last long as the two ended the partnership barely one year after being married.

There are rumours that Zindzi is currently involved with a Kenyan man, though their affair has not been made official.

Zindzi Mandela: The First Lady

Nelson Mandela had a divorce with Zindzi’s mother (Winne) not too long after he got out of prison. In regards to the divorce; Zindi was chosen to go along with her father to his inauguration when he became the president of South Africa in 1994, she became the stand in First Lady of South Africa until her father remarried at the age of 80.

Zindzi In The Media

In 2011, Zindzi had plans of fixing the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to coincide with her father’s birthday. Unfortunately that did not happen, which led to Zindzi being sued by the promoter for four million seven hundred dollars, not including the cost of damages to the promoter himself.

Zindzi the Philanthropist

Here are a few humanitarian activities Zindzi has been involved in; she was:

  • An employee of Operation Hunger in the 1980’s.
  • A Trustee of the king Luthuli Transformation Centre for Non-Violence.
  • A Managing Trustee of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.
  • A Trustee of the Progressive Sport and Recreation Development Trust.
  • A member of the Advisory Board of Love Life.
  • A contributor as Patron of the Vision In Sight Trust; which has led to the formation of the “Zindzi Mandela Star of Excellence Award” under the banner of the South African Optometric Association.
  • A member of Lord Robertson’s Commission for Global Road Safety, leading the ‘Zwnani Mandela Campaign’.

Zindzi The Business Woman

Zindzi is a very ambitious woman and has seen to the following achievements in her business life:

  • Managing Director of Zee Zee Promotions
  • Pomotions and Strategy Development Director of AEDC
  • A Director of Ster-Kinekor
  • An Executive Director of MHMJ Concepts
  • President of Mandela-Msomi Trading Enterprises
  • Director of Zendj Holdings
  • Founder of Mandela Legacy Inc

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