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Zimbabwe News is becoming very interesting of late. This is as a result of the exciting and of course worrying situation of the country.

The news from the country, like most Southern African countries and in fact Africa and the rest of the world, is being dominated extremely by politics and more politics.

Zimbabwe news however, is as well dominated at the moment by the political unrest that the country is engulfed in. This is as regards the demonstrations by the people of the country to have their president, Robert Mugabe out of power.

In fact, the unrest that the country is facing as a result of the president overstaying his welcome is not only dominating in the country, it is as well dominating Zimbabwe news on the international scene.

Most headlines in recent times in the country come with updates of the protest in the country or reaction of the government. This is both in the national as well as the international scene.

Zimbabwe News

Until the era of the internet, news on Zimbabwe was mostly provided for by media sources in the country. These media were either owned or extremely influenced by the government.

In fact since independence, the country had only had one independent Television Station, Joy TV. The station however faced various challenges from the government, which led to its license being revoked.

Some challenges faced by the station included direct interference by the government through the broadcasting organization of the country. This interference included ban on BBC programmes and restrictions on some programmes.

It can be said that prior to the ear of the internet, news in the country have to a reasonable extent never been balanced. This is as prior to the independence of the country; the media environment was controlled by the colonialists, while the government of Robert Mugabe has held control of the media since independence.

This however is not to suggest that Zimbabwe news before the era of internet has failed entirely in providing the needful balance and accurate information. The truth is while government control still tightens, some news sources in the country still squeeze to provide “genuine” news.

Zimbabwe News Sources

Zimbabwe has a not so elaborate media system. The media in the country comprises of the print, electronic and the online media.

The print media in the country is dominated by newspapers and magazines. In fact the country has some of the earliest newspapers in Africa; the Herald or Herald Zimbabwe as it is also known online. Herald Zimbabwe however, replaced an old Zimbabwe newspaper, Mashonaland and Zambesian Times, which dates back to the 1890s. Other Zimbabwe newspapers include the Zimbabwe Daily, Zimbabwe Independent, and The chronicle Zimbabwe.

The electronic news sources in Zimbabwe seem to be performing less than expected. This is as there is low coverage of the rural areas as well as coverage of activities of the opposition parties in the country.  The electronic media in the country is crippled by poor infrastructure and government influence.

The country however has no restrictions on satellite media stations.

StarFM and ZiFM are among the private owned radio stations in the country. These add to the various radio stations operated by the country. Also, the country had various Television stations such as ZBC TV and Joy TV (which only lasted a little while).

Zimbabwe news is supplied online by majority of the print and electronic media in the country. This is as a result of its cheapness. The issue however is that only about 10 percent of the country has access to the internet.

The major online news sources in Zimbabwe include Herald Zimbabwe, My Zimbabwe, Daily News Zimbabwe, Change Zimbabwe, and This is Zimbabwe. It is also of note to emphasize that most Zimbabwe newspapers can as well be found online. In fact, there are more of the newspapers online than there are on print.

Future of Zimbabwe Media

At the moment the future of the media in the country seem highly bright. This is chiefly due to the fact that the consciousness of Zimbabweans is building by the day. Evident of this is with the protest on the need for change of government in the country.

Also, the era of internet becoming even cheaper will redefine the media of the country. It may result in the citizens abandoning the traditional media and getting news from the internet, which has little to no government control.

Finally, if a government change happens in the country, which seem very likely, the media may likely get back a large degree of its freedom.