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University of Zululand, which is also known as UniZulu or Zululand University, is one of South Africa’s public tertiary institutions. It is the only university north of the Tugela River (which is in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province).
The interesting thing about the University of Zululand courses is that they integrate career-focused courses alongside the normal university degree courses to have the students better prepared for the various lines of work they choose to pursue.
The school also integrates community service into its curriculum to help produce better rounded graduates.
University of Zululand actively makes the effort to put out graduates capable of responding to social problems with scholarly inquiry; as well as graduates who are ready to contribute and build a better society.
It is for this reason University of Zululand is in partnership with a number of schools and various agencies abroad – for the betterment of their students.
Zululand University is currently in partnership with a select number of schools in Europe and in the United States of America. Some of the schools are:
• Radford University
• Chicago State University
• University of Mississippi
• Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.


The school was founded in 1960 as the University College of Zululand.
It began as a college affiliated with the University of South Africa, intended to cater to Swazi and Zulu students.
It only had 41 students, of which 75 perfect were male and 25 percent were female.
However, it was granted university status in 1970 and has grown impressively since then attracting students from countries all over Africa – Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Cameroon, Kenya, Swaziland and Tanzania.
By 1982, the board of Governors established the University of Zululand Foundation to handle the university’s investment and fundraising operations.
The University Council was granted autonomy, in 1984, in relation to matters involving staff employment, provision of facilities and the expenditure of the annual subsidy.
In 2005, the university underwent an evolution – its six facilities merged to become four facilities.
Former Six facilities – Science & Agriculture, Education, Arts, Commerce, Law and Administration.
Current four facilities – Administration & Law, Science & Agriculture, Arts and Commerce.
The universities Information Technology Structure was replaced in 2006 with a state-of-the-art R32.9million system.


The university’s main campus is located at Kwadlangezwa.
The school is 19km south of Empangeni (which is the nearest town) and 142km north of Durban.
It has several facilities available on the main campus which include:
• Lecture Rooms
• Micro laboratories
• Library
• Computer Laboratories
• Sports facilities
• Auditoriums
• Conference Halls
• Lecture Houses
• Student Centre
• Campus Television Broadcasting Station
• Male and Female accommodation
• Clinic
The University of Zululand, in the past, had satellite campuses all over the Kwa-Zulu Province. However, it currently has only one satellite campus which is located Richards Bay.
The Richards Bay campus offers mostly diploma and certificate programmes.
The university also has a Science Centre at Richards Bay.
The Science Centre provides a dedicated science experience for the school children within the province.

Academic Faculties

The University currently has four academic faculties, as mentioned earlier.
The Education faculty is divided into several departments which include:
• Comparative and Science of Education
• Educational Psychology
• Curriculum and Instruction Studies
• Foundations of Education
• Educational Planning and Administration
The departments in Commerce, Administration and Law include:
• Private Law, Criminal Law, Procedural Law and Criminal Law which make up the Law Department.
• Department of Accounting
• Department of Economics
• Department of Business Management
• Department of Public Administration and Political Science
• Department of Industrial Psychology
The Science and Agriculture faculty is perhaps the most diverse with departments like:
• Microbiology
• Botany
• Agriculture
• Biochemistry
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Human Movement Sciences
• Hydrology
• Mathematical Science
• Nursing
• Geography
• Environmental Studies
• Physics
• Zoology
• Engineering
• Science Foundation


Like with most universities, University of Zululand has an active sports scene.
The Student Services Department is in charge of Sports and Recreation.
The Outdoor sports provided include: Hiking, Cricket, Volleyball, Athletics, Netball, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Rowing and Tennis.
While The Indoor sports on campus include: Basketball, Aerobics, Boxing, Dance, Judo, Squash, Karate, Table Tennis and Chess.


UniZulu was established in 1960 and its official motto is Dilligentia Cresco which means ‘By diligence I grow.’
The current university chancellor is Sibusiso Ndebele and the vice chancellor is Ntomb’fikile Mazibuko.
The official school colors for University of ZuluLand are black, blue, white and gold.
The school’s official mascot is a fish eagle.
There are currently approximately 15,000 students – fulltime, part time, undergraduate and post graduate.

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