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The university Of Witwatersrand is a South African university situated in Johannesburg. Founded in 1896, Wits University as it is often referred to as is the third oldest university in the country.

University Of Witwatersrand: History

In its starting times, the University Of Witwatersrand was referred to as South African School of Mines. It was located in the capital of Northern Cape Province of today, Kimberley.

It was however moved to Johannesburg in 1904 and was renamed the Transvaal Technical institute. That name remained until 1906 when it was changed to Transvaal University College. Two years later a new campus for the college was later established in Pretoria.

It was in 1910 that the two campuses were separated as individual institutions. By 1922, the university was given the status of a full university. At that time it had six faculties, 37 departments, 73 academic staff and over 1000 students. By 1985, the university was able to accommodate over 16000 students.

In 2000 the university began the implementation of the “Wits 2001” policy. The policy was aimed at restructuring the university’s education. The result was the reduction of the university’s 9 faculties to 5 and its 99 departments to 40.

Wits University Courses

The university Of The Witwatersrand has graduated over a hundred and twenty thousand students since its inception. This was in both its undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Wits university courses are spread across its five faculties and departments. The Faculties include:

  • Faculty of Health Sciences which has 7 schools, among which are the school of Clinical Medicine, School of Public Health and School of Anatomical Science.
  • Faculty of Humanities which has 5 schools among which are; Social sciences, Arts, Education, Literature and Language Studies as well as Human and Community Development.
  • Faculty of Sciences: Schools of Biological and Life Sciences; Molecular and Cell Biology; Chemistry; Statistics; and Actuarial Science and Geosciences.
  • Engineering and the Built Environment. The faculty has schools of Architecture and planning, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Others are schools of Construction Economics and Management; Electrical and Information Engineering; Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering; as well as Mining Engineering.
  • Commerce Law and Management which has 5 schools: Accounting, Law, Business, Governance, Economic and Business Sciences as well as Center for Part-Time Studies.

The institution as well has 7 research institutes.

There are over 33 000 students in the University Of Witwatersrand offering various courses. While over 27 thousand are full-time, over 6 thousand are part part-time students. The university has over 2 thousand international students.

There are over 3,600 courses that are offered at the university, across its 33 schools, over 30 service departments, and 5 faculties. Also, the institution has over 6,500 staff members. Over 4,000 of the staff are academic, over 300 are international academic, while over 1000 are professional, administrative and support staff.

Wits University Admission Requirements

The university offers admission into its wide range of programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This is across its 3 academic campuses of East Campus, West Campus, and Parktown Campus.

Each course in the university and the type of programme has its admission requirements. However, there are different requirements for different categories: The National Senior Certificate, Foreign School-Leaving Qualification and National Senior Certificate (Vocational). Wits University Admission Requirement can, however, begotten from the school’s website.

Meeting the requirements for gaining admission in the university, however, does not guarantee an automatic place in the university. This is as the selection is also influenced by the availability of places, academic results as well as other entry requirements based on what one is applying for.

Wits University Application Forms into the various courses of the institutions can be gotten online at Wits University Online Application.

More so, the status of application can be checked on Wits Online Application

Wits University provides accommodation to students as part of its residency programmes. It also provides buses for conveying students to different campuses in the school. The university has an active Students Representative Government to voice out the concerns of students.

The university has 11 libraries and 17 residences halls. It has been ranked amongst one of the best universities in both the national and continental stages.

Wits University offers admission to programmes of between a year to over five years. The admissions exist at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as for part-time and full-time students.

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