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The University of Limpopo came into existence by the merger of two other universities (the University of the North and the Medical University of South Africa). This merger was made successful on the 1st of January 2005, the day the University of Limpopo came to live.

Brief History Of The University Of Limpopo

The University of the North was founded in 1959, while the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) was established in 1976. Both universities were operating during the years of apartheid, though they faced major challenges, they were both a major contributor to the society and communities around them.

Faculties At The University Of Limpopo

  • Faculty of Health Sciences (School of Health Sciences)
  • Faculty of Humanities (School of Education, School of Languages and Communication Studies, School of Social Sciences)
  • Faculty of Science and Agriculture (School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, School of Molecular and Life Sciences, School of Physical and Mineral Sciences)
  • Faculty of Management and Law (School of Economics and Management, School of Law, Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership, School of Accountancy)

University of Limpopo Online Application / Application Forms

  1. Download the application form from the website or apply directly online at: www.ul.ac.za/online
  2. Your academic application form must be accompanied by an application fee of R200 for South African students and R 345 for international students.
  3. Once you have Submitted your application form, wait for 4 weeks before checking on your application status.

University Of Limpopo Vacancies

The University of Limpopo regularly have job openings and tenders all year round, these vacancies and tenders are usually advertised on the official university website. Normally when these openings are posted, you will be directed to a download link; where a pdf document containing all the requirements and process for the application is written in detail.

Openings such as Director Positions, Associate Professors, Lecturers and lots more could be found in this section.

The University Of Limpopo Financial Support

Academic Bursaries for first year students

These bursaries are awarded to full-time students who:

  • Register to study at the University of Limpopo for a first degree for the first time after grade 12.
  • Obtained an average of 70% or higher during the grade 12 final examination

The average is calculated by adding the percentages of (six best) of the final exam results and divide by (six).

  • The student shall only receive full tuition fees

Performance bursaries for undergraduate senior students

These bursaries are awarded to full-time senior students who:

  • Achieved an overall pass of 70-75% from the previous year /level of study on the first attempt, provided that the full curriculum was taken and passed. The student shall qualify to receive full upfront registration fees.
  • Achieved an overall pass of 76% – 100% from the previous year/level of study on the first attempt, provided that the full curriculum was taken and passed. The student shall qualify to receive full tuition fees.

These bursaries do not apply to students who are in receipt of any other scholarship or bursary which covers the full amount that the student qualified for. If a student qualified for the full tuition fees and receives a bursary that does not cover the full cost of the study, the tuition fee shall be limited to the difference between the full tuition payable and the bursary received by the student.

The bursaries are not automatic, students have to apply annually.

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is a loan and bursary scheme operating in terms of Act 56 of 1999 and funded by the National Department of Education. NSFAS has been established to assist academically deserving and financially needy South African students to achieve their academic goals at tertiary institutions. It offers low-interest rates and up to 40% of the value of the loan will be converted into a bursary should the student pass all courses registered in the year funding was obtained.

Who qualifies?

  • South African citizens
  • A financially needy student
  • A student who demonstrates potential for academic success
  • A student registered at a South African university/technikon, studying for a first tertiary educational qualification
  • A student studying for a second tertiary qualification if it will enable the student to practice in a chosen profession eg HDE

How much can a student get:

NSFAS determines the minimum and maximum award annually. Please inquire at the Financial Aid office for the current limits. A person will, however, be expected to make a contribution towards the total cost of your studies, i.e Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

The size of the award is determined by the family income, according to the NSFAS Means Test.

Where to apply:

Application forms are obtainable from the Financial Aid Office.

Closing dates:

  • Registered students: Mid October
  • First year students: Mid March

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