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University of Cape Town (UCT) is a South African university situated in Western Cape Province of the country.

The university has been ranked among the best universities in the country. It is a public research university which stands as the oldest university in South Africa and one of the oldest in Africa.

University of Cape Town: History

The history of University Of Cape Town pulls back to 1829 with the establishment of South African College. The institution grew in 1887 with the establishment of the first male residence in South Africa which was known as College House Residence. The institution was renamed University Of Cape Town in 1918. In that year the university was upgraded to the status of a university, hence it could award degrees.

Although it was a massive white university, UTC opposed apartheid during the apartheid times in the country. In 1987, police had to enter the school to suppress a demonstration.

Of the universities in the country, University Of Cape Town has been ranked as the best on so many occasions. It has as well been ranked best in Africa at different times by institutions including the Times Higher Education World University Ranking and QS World University Rankings.

Among the notable alumni of the university J.M Coetzee who was twice awarded the Booker Prize and Nobel Prize for literature. Others that won the Nobel from the university are Bruce Bunce (Nobel Peace Prize), Max Theiler (Nobel Prize in Medicine), Allan McLeod Cormack (Nobel Prize in Medicine) and Aaron Klug (Nobel Prize in Chemistry).

 The university has six faculties. The faculties are of Commerce, Engineering and the Built Environment, Science, Health Sciences, Law and Humanities. It also has a center for continuing education.

More so, it has four campuses; Groote Schuur Campus which is in Rondebosch, Medical Campus located in Observatory, Hiddingh Campus and Breakwater Campus. The Groote Schuur Campus, which has the main campus (Upper campus), is divided into Upper, Middle, and Lower campuses.

The university is aimed at “producing graduates who are not only well-educated, but also mindful of the responsibilities of democratic citizenship”. Students and staff of the university come from over 100 countries of the world.

UCT Application

The university is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is as well open for Part-time and full-time programmes.

The application cycle of the university begins in April every year for undergraduate students. The best time to apply however is early in the application cycle after paying the application form. After application, one is expected to monitor one’s UCT Application Status on the university’s site.

The university has provided a prospectus online to help Postgraduate students that may wish to apply to the university.

UCT Library and other facilities

The main library of the university is the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library. This UTC library is located at the university’s upper campus at Rhodes East on the slopes of Devil’ Peak. The library is designed to serve the needs of the institution’s undergraduate students and research oriented communities.

Apart from the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library, UTC has eight other libraries that exist as its branches. The libraries have over 1.2 million print materials and 87,350 journals.

The institution also makes provisions for other facilities such as sports facilities for students. It has over 9000 staff and students as members of its over 40 sports club. In promotion of sports, the university offers scholarships of between R4000 to R8000.

Also, other facilities the university boasts of include; university newspaper, radio station, and a fitness center. Also, the university has over 100 students’ societies and organizations bordering on politics, religion, culture and academics

University of Cape Town Fees

Application fees into the university are different for South Africa and Southern African continental region and those outside the areas. While those in the area will get to pay R100, those outside pay R300.

For Masters of business administration, those residing in Africa will pay R1100, while those outside pay 200 US Dollar for the application form. The fee is however subject to change by to change by the institution.

University of Cape Town fee also has the acceptance fee as well as the tuition fee. While the acceptance fee is dependent on one’s programme, the tuition fee covers registration fee, examinations, accident insurance, sporting facilities, library access and medical bill.

In most recent times there have been attempts by the government to increase the tuition fee of the university. This has led to protests that have got the institution closed for some time.

University Of Cape Town Application forms can be gotten online, from the institution’s website.

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