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Sarah Baartman was a South African lady with an amazingly blessed figure. She was born in the 1780’s and died in 1815. Her body was an amazing work of art, something like a masterpiece. She was from the Khoikhoi region; women from this part of South Africa were known for their amazingly big behinds. Unfortunately, Sarah Baartman was rather used as a test subject and showcased to the world as a freak show attraction in Europe. Her first name “Sarah” had various versions, such as; Sara, Saartjie or Saartje. While her last name “Baartman” was sometimes spelled differently; with just a single “a” (Bartman), double “n” (Bartmann), or an “e” (Baartmen) is some cases.

Sarah Baartman In Europe

Sarah Baartman’s journey to Europe began in 1810 when she was taken to England by her employer on false pretense. Her stay in England was far from pleasant; Sarah was regularly showcased to a large crowd half-naked, while locked up in a cage. Fortunately, the fight against slavery in England was at its peak and Sarah Baartman’s case was a topic of discussion. Although the effort put in regarding her case didn’t see to the end of Sarah being publicly displayed, it eventually got her a slightly better deal. The deal included better conditions and an increased share of her earnings. Sarah’s case regarding being publicly displayed couldn’t be dismissed; as she testified she was not being maltreated and her employers supposedly had a contract which she signed between them.

Sarah Baartman In France

Shortly Four years after her arrival in England, Sarah was sold to an animal keeper in France by the name “Reaux”. He was a man who showcased various animals and tricks to a wide audience; he eventually infused Sarah to his showcase and gained an even wider audience. Due to the constant pressure, Sarah was facing, she was known to be a heavy drinker and was said to be mostly drunk during her exhibitions. During her shows in France, Sarah caught the eyes of a professor by the name; Georges Cuvier. Georges presented a proposal to study Sarah as a science specimen, to her recent employer and he intended to find a link using Sarah; between humans and animals.

Sarah Baartman’s Death

Sarah Baartman was said to have died of an inflammatory disease in December 1825. Shortly after her death, her body was dissected by the professor and her remains were displayed at the Museum of Man in Paris. The display included a cast of her body, her skeleton, and her genitals. Eventually, in 2002, her remains were returned to South Africa and she was buried in the Eastern Cape on South Africa’s Women’s Day.

Sarah Baartman’s Movie

There were rumors that the legendary female artist “Beyonce” had plans to write and star in a film about Sarah. Though the artist herself never said much regarding this topic, her management claimed no such moves were in motion, but further went on to say; the Baartman’s story is an important story that should be told.