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News in South Africa, of South Africa and about South Africa has for long been of particular interest to the world. From the cruel tenure of apartheid to Nelson Mandela’s reign of hope, SA latest breaking News has, in its own way, been riveting to the rest of the world.

Breaking News South Africa

The world has seen an evolution in the nature of SA Latest Breaking News and Headlines. With the end of Apartheid in April 1994 to the South African hosting of the 2010 world cup. Also, from the participation of Oscar Pistorius in the 2012 summer Olympics (making him the first double leg amputee to participate in the Olympics) to the famed Paralympian’s trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Model and television personality –Reeva  Steenkamp. The trial began in Pretoria on the 3rd of March, 2014.

But South African Citizens have also seen the way SA news headlines get assimilated from SA newspapers to websites and now mobile applications. It is said that knowledge is power, which makes seeing South African citizens always keeping up the Latest South African News, South African Economy News and South African Newspapers quite pleasing.

It is probably for this reason there was extensive research into Jacob Zuma when he was running for president, South Africans just like to know what is going on around them.

For starters, Jacob’s Zuma’s full name is Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.  He was born on the 12th of April 1942.  His name Gedleyihlekisa means ‘the one who laughs while grinding on his enemies’ (incase you were looking for what to name your child)

Johannesburg News

Most of South African Breaking News and the latest news in South Africa tend to evolve around cities like Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Cities such as these are generally considered commercial hubs and with the bustle of the life and ecosystems in these cities, they genuinely tend to be more news worthy than the others. Johannesburg News, for example, tends to be of more interest to foreigners as it is one of the country’s premier tourist destination, and people genuinely like to know more about where they are visiting.

Breaking News SA

Like most places in the world, the content of news tends to vary, ranging from entertainment news to sports news to political coverage, especially breaking news. What matters is that the nature of which SA breaking news that is of hype has to be relevant to the South African people, if it is not relevant to the South African people, it cannot be relevant to world.

The Latest SA News has remained consistently diverse, the world watched in equal parts intrigue and equal parts annoyance over the Caster Semenya gender testing and controversy. The controversy originated after Semenya’s 2009 gold win in the 800 metres race at the World’s championship, besting her personal time (which she set just the previous month at the African Junior Championships) by 4 seconds and setting the fast time of the year.

Her improvement alongside her appearance, were deemed necessary reasons by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) to require a gender test from the athlete. This action spurred many negative reactions and criticism of the IAAF by many international athletes, South African Citizens and the South African government who deemed the IAAF judgments as racist, sexist, and downright invasive.

Caster Semenya responded to the criticism by stating in an interview with YOU magazine, “God made me the way I am and I accept myself.”

Generally, keeping up with news is said to be very beneficial – it is considered a good habit, keeps you well informed and contributes to personality development. Knowing that, if you’re going to keep up with any country’s news, for your own sake, it might as well be South Africa’s.

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