Pretoria South Africa

Beautiful architecture, exquisite cuisine, bustling nightlife and a respected university are just a few features that can be attributed to the historic city of Pretoria. Located in the Gauten Province of South Africa, it serves as the country’s Executive capital, with Cape Town serving as the Legislative Capital and Bloemfontein as the judicial capital.
It earned its nickname Jacaranda City because of the extravagant amount of Jacaranda trees found along the city streets, this no doubt contributes to the aesthetics of the city.
The vibrant city is home to South Africa’s long urban street – Stanza Bopape, which is considered one of the longest straight streets in the world. The Jacaranda City is also the place of discovery of what is considered to be the largest diamond ever found – The Cullinan Diamond.
University Of Pretoria
The reputable institution, The University of Pretoria, is generally considered one of the oldest universities in South Africa, the fourth oldest to be exact. The university, commonly referred to Tuks or Tukkies, has produced many famous alumni, including Oscar Pistorius and the more reputable alumni have branched out into fields like arts and entertainment, academics, law, medicine and various other fields – they include Stefan Swanepoel, a New York Times bestselling Author; Bettie Cilliers-Barnard, Mimi Coertse, Sandra Prinsloo, Naas Botha, Willem Barnard and billionaire, Anton Rupert.
Pretoria Weather
The weather here is generally humid because of its subtropical climate, which equates to ‘short, cold and dry winters’ and ‘long, hot and rainy summers. Even though the average weather during winter is mild, it tends to get viciously cold due to the town’s clear skies.
In opposition to the draught usually experienced during winters, the summers tend to come with a bounty of rain.The city is located in a valley, by the Magaliesberg Mountain range, between the Highveld and the Bushveld. The surrounding hills are the probable reasons the city is considered hot because it is said to trap heat around Pretoria.
Map Of Pretoria
A look at the map of Pretoria immediately reveals many sites that appeal to many, locals and tourists alike. Among these sites are Pretoria National Botanical Garden, Rietvlei Nature Reserve, Melrose House, Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Loftus Versfeld Stadium and Kruger House, Pretoria.
You wouldn’t know this by looking at the Pretoria map but the Union Buildings are actually home to the Office of the President of South Africa, as earlier mentioned – Pretoria is the executive capital of South Africa.
Other prominent sites that you would easily find on the map include The Freedom Park which is considered by many as evidence and reminder of the seemingly endless sacrifices made for South Africa by its many heroes to ensure a future brighter than the history that prompted it’s desire to be declared a free country. This amazing features in and about South Africa is part of the reason why the map and landscape of the city is so appealing.
Pretoria News
Like everything, the news in Pretoria, South Africa has had to evolve to keep up with its viewership. South Africa, as a country has witnessed the evolution of news in Pretoria, it is after the country’s executive capital, meaning there is a lot to write about from a political standpoint.
Being one the major hub of politics in South Africa, it tends to provide worthwhile news stories every day to grace newspapers, mobile apps and even websites.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that the more prominent news that tend to take up the attention of the country occurs in cities like Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and the likes. They are not only the most frequent cites for urban migration but also foremost tourist destinations. As a result, people – in and out of South Africa – tend to be earnestly interested in what goes on in these cities. For these reasons, Pretoria will remain a domain of interest to not just neighboring municipalities but to the entire country for a long time to come.
Pretoria, a beautiful city that holds many quiet relevance and remarkable treasures such as the Groenkloof Nature Reserve and Klitsgras Drumming circle, is a centre that one has to visit at least once in life. It holds a unique experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.