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Pastor Mboro

Pastor Mboro (Prophet PFP Motsoeneng) is a South African prophet and the founder of the Incredible Happening Church. He is one of the most vibrant, humble and controversial pastors in South Africa; filling up large spaces, living a lavish lifestyle and always surrounded by heavily armed guards.

About Pastor Mboro

Prophet Mboro was born on the 8th of April 1968, he has his own daily TV and radio shows; where he claims to deliver and perform miracles to a larger audience over the airwaves.

The pastor has various merchandises which are sold at his church and various locations; the merchandise range from: Holy Salt, Holy Water, Fashion Outfits and even body products (These items are said to be blessed and anointed by the prophet himself).

Incredible Happening Church

Incredible Hppenings Ministry is a prophetic ministry founded by Prophet PFP Motsoeneng. It is located in the east rand of Johannesburg, in Germiston near Katlehong.

As a prophetic ministry the church believes that God has not stopped bringing miracles to His people, He hasn’t stopped changing lives and it is with His love that transcends all barriers, races and genders; that the gospel will be brought to His people.

The Church usually gets thousands in attendance by the congregation; coming from various parts of South Africa. Mboro sometimes makes a grand entrance surrounded by armed guards as he walks through during services.

When he steps into the church, you can literally feel the energy in the room. Most people don’t just come to the church to praise God or be entertained, but to get some healing from the miraculous pastor.

Prophet PFP is one pastor not shy about talking and praying for private parts, he encourages his congregation to bring their underwear to church; so he can pray for them. Most people go as far as shopping for new ones, so as to get them blessed and get the evil spirit away from their body.

Pastor Mboro A Satanist

On the 15th of April 2016, an eviction company by the name Red Ants removed the property of the Incredible Happening ministries pastor Mboro from a building in Roodekop, which he has been using as a church.

It has been stated that a python skin, baboon hand and photo editing software was also part of the goods removed from the premises. Provincial police spokesman Lieutenant Kay Makhubele said; they escorted the Sheriff so that an eviction order granted to Frajenron Property Limited could be served.

Furthermore, speaking outside the office of the SABC, Mboro took about five minutes to explain his nails, saying: “They are just the right size, just the right colour. Not too much pink, not too much white. Just the right balance; and the thickness, my god it’s perfect. I never have to press too hard when I clip. Always a perfect clip, I draw my power from my nails”.

His Suits

Pastor Mboro shops at only the best places and could spend over R 100,000 ($7000) on suits in one day; sometimes repeating the process two to three times a week.

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