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Olx South Africa (Olx SA) is one of the biggest online enterprises in the country. It came into being to join the flourishing classifieds of the expanding Olx international online company.

The company is one of the largest classifieds platforms in the world, serving to provide an extended online marketplace. The site connects buyers and sellers in more than 40 countries.

Globally, Olx records over 1.7 monthly visits, with more than 35 billion views of pages monthly. More so, the site records over 54 million monthly listings, with connections from more than three hundred million devices from different parts of the world.

History of Olx

Olx was founded in March 2006 by Fabrica Grinda and Oxenford Alejandro. The two internet entrepreneurs built the site with a drive to bring up a trading platform which would cost users nothing. By 2010, the online market had had offices in India and Brazil, becoming the largest classifieds site in India by 2012 and the biggest in Brazil by 2013.

By 2016, Olx would grow and be available in over 40 countries. It is found in countries including South Africa, United States, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, and Nigeria. It is also in China, Pakistan, Mexico and Switzerland among many others.

Olx is very popular in African countries of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya as well as in India, where it has a wide followership. In India it is reported that about 72% sales of used cars are sold on OLX monthly.

According to PriceCheck Tech & E-Commerce Awards for 2016, Olx is the best online classifieds platform.

Olx South Africa

In 2010 South African multimedia company, Naspers took a stake in OLX. This resulted in the site shutting down its classifieds site, Kalahariads.net which was being dominated by Gumtree. In the place of Kalaharaids, Naspers launched Olx in the country, which was a consolidation of the former.

The site has grown to become one of the top classifieds in the country, with over a million postings. The site has attracted both buyers and sellers and those with services to render as well as those loo In Africa, Olx south Africa is the largest in terms of activities and engagements followed by Olx Nigeria.

Olx free classifieds include many things, posted by different people. On the site, on can find different things including cars (mostly referred to as Olx cars SA), home equipments, electronics and gadgets as well as different kind of services. Olx homes, which are houses placed for sale or rent are as well popular on Olx South Africa.

Olx online shopping is popular in South Africa where by individuals surf through to pick things they need and contact the sellers. This is made easy by the fact that Olx classifieds in the country is broken into provinces and cities. There is Olx Cape Town, which seeks to serve those in Cape Town, Olx Western Cape, as well as in other places, all serving for the proximity of those in the respective areas.

Olx South Africa Fraud

Like every other online platform, Olx is not completely free of people posing as either buyers or sellers to con out people of their money and properties.

There have been various reports of fraud on the site. While some were not nabbed, others were. There have been reports of fraudsters trying to sell cars, farmer being scammed, as well as other cases. There could as well be others that have not been reported.

Posting of Products and Services

For one to post ads on Olx SA, there are rules that must be followed. Some of the rules include posting only ads with valid phone number and email address, only items and services available in South Africa, products and services that wouldn’t break any law, as well as avoiding posting ads that lead to a third party website, and posts that are not clear, factual and offensive in any way.

Olx South Africa allows for the sale of various products and services. Things not allowed on the site however, include, Guns; Illegal and Pirated copies of books; CDs and other materials; Drugs, narcotics, tobacco and other smoking-related products; Free-to-air decoders and Fireworks and other combustible. Other things not allowed are alcohol, medication, Pyramid schemes / multi-level marketing, human organs, Explicit or adult content or services as well as Ads seeking for donations or help.

The site does not allow Digital goods, the sale of animals declared endangered by local or international laws, Natural products that claim to cure diseases, tarot Services/Horoscopes and / or Voodoo, as well as replicated or counterfeited products.

According to the site, these products and services are no go areas, to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers. While any such ads would be deleted immediately, there may be an obligation to inform the appropriate authorities for more serious cases.

Site: www.olx.com