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Noko Mashaba is a fictional character in a South African Animation by the name; “The Adventures of Noko Mashaba”.

The animation is created by Jonas Lekganyane and produced by his company; Rams Comics (Pty) Ltd. The Adventures of Noko Mashaba airs on Soweto TV, Ekurhuleni TV and is also available on YouTube.

Noko Mashaba is a regular guy who occasionally goes out on various adventures to solve mysteries and portray the lives of past legends, while reliving different incidents that have occurred in South Africa.

The first episode of this series was released in March 2013; it was made available on YouTube under the title “Noko & the Famous Venda Tree”.

The Story

Jonas Lekganyane, who is the creator and executive producer created the animation series in 2013, shortly after he dropped out of school due to financial issues. Jonas went out of his way to teach himself and learn more about animation production and eventually started his own animation company by the name Rams Comics.

The animation is mostly in Lekganyane’s home language; “Sepedi”, although other languages such as iSiZulu, Setswana and English are used. Lekganyane has chosen to use more of his home grown languages, as he believes it is important for the younger generation to preserve their languages.

Noko Mashaba

Noko Mashaba is a humorous, but yet very audacious character. His biological parents were political activist during the South African apartheid era; he never really got to meet them as no one knows what happened to them during that time. He was raised by his grandmother and he’s in between jobs, a challenge familiar with many.

Noko Mashaba who most times appears as a police officer, sometimes finds himself as the president’s right-hand man or a Barber in his Barber’s Shop. Noko is always spotted with his sidekicks; Phusu or Mthembu.

Other Characters in Noko Mashaba

Phusu is a graduate of the Loying University (a fictional university); which is the same university Noko’s grandmother graduated from. They both have a degree in Loying Engineering, giving them the ability and knowledge of sorcery.

Mthembu is a very smart but quiet character, he always finds himself in situations he shouldn’t be in, but Noko always comes to his rescue.

Another interesting character in this animation is Noko’s uncle; Donald Mashaba. His uncle known as uncle Dons is a greedy and stubborn man; he’s mostly unemployed but enjoys the company of various women. He has fourteen children from five different women and always struggles with their up-keep.

last but not least, it would not be right if we talk of Noko Mashaba and not mention his high school sweetheart; Mahlodi. She is a very independent lady from a rich home and most times finds herself getting Noko out of tight situations.

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