Mmusi Maimane

Mmusi Maimane is one of the youngest influential politicians in South Africa. Married with two children; Mmusi Maimane is also a pastor, business consultant/trainer and he lectures at the GIBS Business Institute.

Mmusi Maimane Political Career

Mmusi was elected to be the Democratic Alliance Mayoral candidate for Johannesburg in 2011, though he lost, he became the National Spokesperson of the DA from November 2011 to May 2012. He later became the Deputy Federal Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance in November 2012 and in May 2015 he not only became the Leader of the Democratic Alliance party, but also the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly of South Africa.

Mmusi is the first black South African and youngest politician to lead the Democratic Alliance party. The election that took place for the Leader of the Democratic Alliance in 2015; saw Mmusi win close to 90% of the votes against the party chairperson Wilmot James. He was also backed by Herman Mashaba; a prominent businessman in South Africa, who played a key role in the process.

Mmusi Maimane Personal Life

Mmusi, the son of Simon & Ethel Maimane was born on the 6th of June 1980; in the Transvaal Province of South Africa. He got married to Natalie in 2005 and they both have two children between them.

Mmusi grew up and has lived in Soweto, Johannesburg most of his life. He studied in the University of South Africa (Graduating in a BA in Psychology), University of the Witwatersrand (with a Masters in Public Administration), and the University of Bangor, Wales (Graduating in a Masters in Theology).

Mmusi Maimane Wife

Unlike are husband, Natalie Maimane is a more reserved lady and does her best to stay out of public eyes. She is known to be a gracious, generous-natured person and her beauty goes beyond what we see on the outside.

She has graced a number of events as a guest speaker and she’s loved for her sense of humour; not forgetting she was once a teacher. The union between Natalie and Mmusi started in a church, where they both met.

More On Mmusi

Mmusi is known to be a philanthropist and is on the board of a number of NGO’s. He focuses on rural & youth development and cases that involve HIV/Aids. Mmusi speaks seven South African languages fluently and he’s usually called the Barack Obama of Soweto.

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