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Gumtree SA is mostly used when referring to Gumtree South Africa. Gumtree SA is one of South Africa’s biggest sites and its leading online “market”.

The site sprung with the expansion of Gumtree.com. The site began in Britain as an online classified advert community site. Its aim was to allow people post things they have to sell or services to offer. The site as well opened up to allow people find jobs and other things for free.

Gumtree began in March 2000. It was created by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. The site was however sold in May 2005 to eBay’s classified ads group. Before it was sold, the site had already had its place in different countries including Canada, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Gumtree SA

While gumtree.com is one of the biggest online classified ads site in the world, Gumtree SA is the biggest in South Africa. The site serves to provide classified adverts for those in South Africa for free. The classified ads offered on the site are mostly for goods people have for sale.

The site is flexible to allow people from different provinces access markets closer to them. More so, the site further divides the provinces into smaller cities to localize classifieds.

It has a wide range of categories as well. The categories include for jobs, cars, kids and children and electronics. Others are freebies, events, sports and leisure and boats and watercraft among many others.

The site has become an extremely popular avenue that people in the country visit it for almost everything. This includes very large items like cars and properties, as well as other smaller items. The site has over 95 000 listing of properties in different parts of the country. Such properties include houses for sale and houses for rent.

In October 2015, Gumtee SA caught the airwave with the news of a woman trying to sell her child. The 20 years old Durban woman, it was reported, put up the child for sale at R5 000 to raise R25 000 for rent. The woman it was claimed has a very low IQ that she didn’t know it was illegal to sell her child.

To make buying and selling easier for people in the country, Gumtree ZA developed an instant messaging application. The mobile app was designed to allow buyers and sellers converse.

Some of the fastest things selling on the site include used laptops and phones. Cars are as well popular on the site. In September 2016, the site has over a million live classified adverts.

Gumtree SA Cars

Very popular of all other categories on the South African site is the car section. The category which is mostly referred to as Gumtree Cars SA, carries classified car adverts.

Guntree South Africa cars, as it is also called, has so many car listing on the site. The cars vary in prices, colors, make and so on. One interesting feature that Gumtree South Africa cars for sale have is its price checking feature. The feature provides one with the average price of the type of car one wants to buy.

Gntree SA Cars category is proving a massive competition for car dealers in the country. This is mostly as the purchase of new cars is very much in decline. More so, the site has openings for both new and old cars.

The site is arguably the largest car virtual showroom in South Africa. It receives an average of close to 95 000 visitors daily, and close to 2.8 million unique visitors every month.

The greatest challenge Gumtree SA Cars is facing is from South Africa’s Auto Trader. Auto Trader carries over 60 thousand listings monthly. More so, the site blends print adverts and online adverts for its cars, hence it is giving Gumtree a run for its money.

Gumtree South Africa jobs

One important category of the site is the Gumtree SA Jobs. This category advertises jobs and job seekers in various parts of the country.

The site provides listing for different types of jobs including office and manual work. More so, the site provides for contract jobs as well as permanent and internships all over the country.

In May 2015, the site warned people to be wary of some people who may pose as employers to take advantage of job seekers.

While there are much advantages dealing on the site, there is as well need for caution. This is because there has been history of fraudsters posing either as buyers or sellers.