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Gumtree Port Elizabeth is the child of one of the biggest sites in South Africa, Gumtree South Africa. Gumtree South Africa is part of the bigger Gumtree.com which is a British website.

The site began in 2000 as a local classified adverts and community site in London. It later expanded and grew to different parts of the world. It was created by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall.

After running the site for five years, Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall sold it to eBay’s classified groups. Before it was sold, Gumtree was already in some countries including United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Canada, New Zealand, China and South Africa.

Gumtree Port Elizabeth

Gumtree Port Elizabeth comes up under Gumtree South Africa. Gumtree PE as it is popularly called in Port Elizabeth is designed to allow those in port Elizabeth have easy access to things on the site. It can, therefore, be said that it is intended that Gumtree Port Elizabeth, create proximity for those in the city.

Gumtree Port Elizabeth has over 34 thousand adverts. These ads are categorized under electronics, Home and Garden, Automotive vehicles, Sports and leisure, and Property. Others are Services, Jobs, Job seekers and much more.

Some items on Gumtree PE could be found on some popular social media sites like facebook and twitter. This is when such items are posted through Gumtree South Africa.

One can easily register with the site and post classifieds. The adverts may be for properties, jobs or services on the site, in Port Elizabeth.

When buying or selling on the site, however, like on every other site, one must be careful. This is as there could be fraudsters who can easily pose as buyers or sellers. Various reports of fraud and attempted fraud have been reported on the site. This is both the national Gumtree site as well as the international Gumtree.

Gumtree Port Elizabeth Popular Categories

Among the very popular categories on Gumtree PE is the automotive vehicles category. Also referred to as Gumtree Port Elizabeth Cars, this category is intended to cater for those who wish to sell or buy cars. The category could as well be referred to as “Gumtree Cars Port Elizabeth”.

All kind of cars is sold in this category including small sports cars and jeeps. Also, one can find bigger cars like buses, tractors and other heavy duty cars or vans. The Gumtree Port Elizabeth cars category provides for full details on the type, brand, and functionality of car for sale. Kilometers, transmission (Manual or Automatic), fuel type, Color, Make, and price type are some information provided on each car on display to be sold.

Gumtree Port Elizabeth cars section is also used by some to sell and buy car parts and motorcycles. Cars from the site can be gotten at for less than 100 thousand Rand. some can, however, go over a million Rand, based on the type of car. The site is not only used by people to sell old cars as those with new cars also take advantage of the site.

More popular than the car category, however, are Electronics, and Home and Garden categories. All these categories, however, have over 5000 classified adverts. All the categories are constantly increasing.

Gumtree Port Elizabeth Jobs (Gumtree Jobs PE)

One can as well find Jobs on Port Elizabeth Gumtree. This is done through the Jobs or Job seekers category. On the Job category of Gumtree PE, there are over 1700 jobs.

Jobs on the site include accounting and finance, advertising and marketing, arts and entertainment, as well as computing and IT jobs. More so, simple jobs like childcare and babysitting could as well be gotten. Housekeeping and cleaning, restaurants and bar, as well as security jobs are as well advertised. While some jobs advertised are part-time, most others are full-time jobs or on the contractual basis.

The over 1700 jobs on the site fall under more than 30 categories that could accommodate whatever job one is looking for. More so, the site also has to list for the internship.

Apart from Gumtree Port Elizabeth, there are other areas that Gumtree covers in the country. These include Gumtree Free State, Gumtree Western Cape, Gumtree North West and Gumtree Limpopo. There are as well Gumtree Gauteng, Gumtree KwaZulu-Natal, Gumtree Mpumalanga, and Gumtree Northern Cape. Gumtree PE falls under Gumtree Eastern Cape.

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