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Gumtree is one of the most popular sites in South Africa offering free classified ads. The site is not just popular in South Africa, but also in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Poland and Hong Kong.

Gumtree.co.za: Gumtree Eastern Cape

Gumtree.co.za is the official South African domain dedicated to activities within South Africa, the site currently has over one million thirty two thousand live classified Ads. Gumtree Eastern Cape has over fifty nine thousand live ads ranging from Cars, Jobs, Electronics, Fashion to Baby & Kids, just to list a few.

Gumtree Eastern Cape Cars

Gumtree Eastern Cape cars could be found under the Automotive Vehicles category, with over ten thousand live ads. This category goes beyond cars, but offers services and sales in auto parts & accessories, motorcycles, trailers, farm vehicles and lots more.

The site offers a wide range of options when looking to buy a car; you can get cars of various models, makes, year, price and transmission. Some trending Gumtree Eastern Cape cars include: the Polo, BMW and Honda XR. Though these cars are trending, they are not as popular as the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and even a variety of Quad Bikes on the site.

Gumtree Jobs Eastern Cape

Gumtree Eastern Cape Jobs are not as available as Gumtree Eastern Cape Cars. The live ad Jobs in Eastern Cape available on Gumtree are slightly above three thousand. There are jobs available in Accounting, Advertising, Administrative positions, Engineering, Healthcare and lots more.

More On Gumtree

Though some of the best ads available on Gumtree are in the housing category, the most searched items are in the electronics category. Items such as Laptops, iphones, PS4 and other mobile phone / house appliances are at the top of the list.

Rules For Posting Ads On Gumtree

There are a number of rules users will have to follow before posting an ad, or the ad would be brought down. First of all users must be 18 years and over before being able to post an ad, all ads must be clean, well written and posted under the right category.

Furthermore, Gumtree.co.za is only available for local ads, therefore ads outside South Africa will not be accepted. The site does not accept links to other third party sites, duplicate ads are not allowed and selling of body parts, body fluids or anything to do with the practise of medicine is not allowed.

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