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Gumtree Durban has proven to be beneficial for most people living within Durban.
With the fast pace of today’s world, having accessibility to whatever you need with just a click of the button is exactly what you need. And that is what Gumtree Durban provides.
Are you around Durban and looking for a house, a car, a job, an apartment or appliance? You can definitely find it all on Gumtree Durban.
Moving to a new town can be hard; moving to a fast paced, urban haven like Durban can be even harder, especially if you don’t know anyone in town. But that’s where Gumtree Durban comes in.
If you’re still not exactly sure what Gumtree Durban is, then let me fill you in.


Gumtree is British online classifieds website.
It was launched in March, 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. It has gone on to become the largest local community site in the United Kingdom.
A classifieds website is essentially an online market, if you want to look at it that way. A market that sells everything and anything you want. The ‘commodities’ here are divided into ‘classes’ – hence the name.
The classes in Gumtree are diverse and cut across all fields from job vacancies to vehicle sales to music lessons to even plumbing services.
Over the years, Gumtree has grown and spread into several countries including Poland, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, China, Italy, Australia and South Africa.
Gumtree’s largest category is the ‘goods for sale’ section. However, the vehicle listing section is also impressive with approximately 200,000 vehicle advertisements at a given time.
Gumtree was acquired by eBay’s classifieds group in March 2005.
Gumtree South Africa has gone on to become one of South Africa’s largest website and the go-to community classifieds website. Gumtree Durban is a division of Gumtree South Africa that advertises products, vehicles and services in and around Durban.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Durban. If you haven’t, here’s a brief overview.


Durban was listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World Cities in May 2015. Other cities that made this list include Beirut, Havana and Kuala Lumpur.
There’s no mystery why Durban made this list – it is a beautiful city. Famous for its beautiful beaches and its even more beautiful weather, Durban has a lot to offer.
Durban is home to South Africa’s busiest sea port as well as the King Shaka International Airport, which is named after one of the most famous Zulu Kings of all time – Shaka Zulu.
If migrating to Durban is on your agenda, or even just visiting, then you can be sure an exciting time awaits you.
There’s a reason why Durban is one of South Africa’s most popular cities.
Its beautiful weather is practically legendary with an average of 320days of sunshine annually.
Durban is also notable for all its amazing tourist attractions such as the uShaka Marine World. This famous aqua theme park is divided into five sections including the uShaka Sea World, which is currently the fifth largest aquarium in the world.
Other places of interest include Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World, Gateway Theatre of Shopping and Roma Revolving Restaurant.
Exploring a city like this – one that promises diversity, adventure and relaxation –can be exciting but it can also be overwhelming sometimes. This is where Gumtree Durban helps you navigate the illustrious city.

Gumtree Durban

The interesting about Gumtree Durban, as it is with most classifieds website, is the wide array of things you can find here.
Sports equipments, new and used cars, baby clothes, employment opportunities, clothes, shoes, business services, electronics, gadgets, real estate and even pets can all be easily found here.
However, it seems that most people who browse Gumtree are most interested in two of its numerous classes: Cars and Jobs.
Some of the top searches related to Durban Gumtree include: ‘Gumtree Durban Jobs’, ‘Gumtree Jobs in Durban’, ‘Gumtree Cars Durban’ and ‘Jobs in Durban Gumtree’.
The reason why Gumtree Durban appeals highly to people seeking new vehicles is probably the variety in choices it provides as well the affordability. The timeliness of delivery also plays a factor in this.
Job seekers also prefer Gumtree Durban for the variety of choices. The fact that Gumtree has been around for over a decade proves its credibility which is what job seekers look for when they go online to search for jobs.
Its durability, accessibility and affordability play a major reason why Gumtree Durban has stood the test of time.