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Behind a hard Mugabe, one can arguably say, is a Hard Grace Mugabe. Described as one of the most extravagant First Ladies in the world, the Zimbabwean first lady has amassed much power from the continuous grip of power by her husband

Through Mugabe’s battle to hold his power which since the 1990s seem as though it would leave him, Grace Mugabe stood by him, giving him more hands to hold the power even tighter. Now more than ever, with continuous determined and organized protests in the country, it is almost crystal that things may soon fall apart for Robert Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe latest news have it more than once that the First lady has an interest in becoming the next president of the southern African country. Whether or not she will achieve this, is for time to tell.


Grace Mugabe Biography

Grace Mugabe was born in the South African city of Benoni in 1965. She grew up in the rural village of Chivu with her parents. Grace witnessed South Africa’s apartheid times, with her father working as an immigrant in the country.

In the year of the birth of the woman who would grow to be the head of the Mugabe house, Robert Mugabe was already a political prisoner in the former Rhodesia. She was born the last child in the family of five children, as Grace Marufu.

Grace lived most of her young life in the village of Sadza, in Mashonaland East province, close to the Capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. It was there that she attended her primary school, before proceeding to St Francis of Assisi Secondary School for her secondary education in Madondo. Her education in this institution was interrupted when Mugabe’s led guerrilla brought the school down in 1979.

Grace moved to Manicaland Province’s Kriste Mambo High School in Rusape to continue her education. From here she went to Christian College of Southern Africa where she trained as a secretary.

After her education, Grace was employed as a typist at the State House in Harare. Before then, however, she was already married to an air force pilot, Stanley Goreraza.


Becoming First Lady

Before Grace Mugabe was Sally Mugabe. Popularly known as Amai (Mother) in the country, Sally was Mugabe’s first wife before his eyes drifted to his Secretary, Grace.

Although it was after the death of Sally that the president “officially” married his secretary, Mugabe news at the time had it that the two had been seeing each other even when sally was sick and Grace was yet to separate from her husband.

It was in the mid-1990s that Grace divorced her husband with whom she had a son. Shortly afterward she married Robert Mugabe who was over 40 years her senior. The wedding was lavish and estimated to have swallowed some $6.5m.

The union between Mugabe and Grace produced three children, with the youngest, born in 1997.

Robert and Grace Mugabe Children: Bona Mugabe (1990), Robert Peter Mugabe Jr. (1994), and Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe (1997). With her first husband, Grace had a son, Russell Goreraza.

Grace Mugabe Son Wedding: Russell Goreraza, Grace’s son from her first marriage got married to  Gladys Chiwaya in a colorful wedding ceremony in 2010. The union produced a son in 2013 before finally crashing.



Apart from being outspoken, the Zimbabwean First Lady has managed to decorate her walls with some medals of controversies. The most popular of such is an assault on The Times Photographer in 2009. It was reported that it was on a trip to China that she ordered her bodyguards to deal with the photographer. Probably because they were not doing a good Job, the first lady decided to take part in the party, giving the photographer some cuts and abrasion with her diamond ring.

Another thing that keeps bringing controversies on the wife of the dictator is her life of extravagant spending. In 2003, it was reported that she spent around 120 thousand US Dollar while shopping in Paris. Her extravagant spending has won her international awareness much that when she became a part of an EU Sanction in 2002, a parliamentarian was quoted to have said the ban would stop her shopping trips and turn her attention to the huge poverty of Zimbabweans.

More so, in 2014, Grace Mugabe got a controversial doctoral degree from the University of Zimbabwe. The degree was controversial because she was able to acquire it in only two months. One would have considered her a genius for that, except the university, had no record of her Ph.D. thesis, and her husband is the university’s Chancellor.