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South Africa has evolved from a country of much sad stories to mold itself into the tourism capital of Africa. The country has grown to become one of the business homes of the continent. These have made Flights to South Africa really popular.

For the purpose of tourism, the country has received over 9 million visitors in 2015. This has shown that planes from various parts of the world are constantly heading there for different reasons.

Two major airports, OR Tambo International Airport as well as the Cape Town International Airport, serve as major South African airports. These are however not the only airports that receive international airplanes in the country.


Flights to South Africa

There are many flights to South Africa including Emirates, Air France, Qatar airways, Etihad airways, and Swiss flights. Others are  FlySafair and Solenta aviation among other south African airlines. South African Airways is the most popular as it flies both within and outside the country. While some of these airlines can be expensive, one can easily find and book cheap flights to South Africa online.


South African Airways

With an annual turnover of over 32 billion Rand, South African Airways is the biggest airline in South Africa. Referred to as SA Airways, it is one of the biggest in Africa. The airways was revamped in 1994. Today SA Airways  travels both within the country as well as to other African and international destinations. The places it travels include Zimbabwe, London, Hong Kong, Munich and New York.

With operational head at OR Tambo international airport, SA Airways had around sixty three aircraft by the end of 2014. The airways fly over a hundred million passengers to various destinations within and outside South Africa yearly.

South African Airways provides one of the best travelling experiences both within South Africa and for those visiting South Africa as well as leaving to various specific destinations. Since 1994, the Airways has not recorded any history of a major mishap.


Flights to Cape Town

Of all flights made to South Africa, Cape Town receives the largest share as it is central to the tourism sites in the country. Cape Town boasts of interesting tourist sites such as Table Mountain, Robben Island and University of Cape Town for those in search of education tourism. A large majority of those that visit the country for tourism purposes, according to a research by Statistics South Africa, arrive by air.

 Flights to Cape Town can be from other countries as well as from within the country. Flights to Cape Town from Johannesburg are actually popular with over fifty flights daily. Along this route, there are flights such as Kulula and Mango that provide cheap flights to Cape Town.


Flights to Johannesburg

Johannesburg is another city in South Africa that receives much flights. This city receives many visitors for tourism purposes. It however receives even more for business purposes. The city is the largest in South Africa and one of the biggest business destinations of Africa.

The closeness of Johannesburg to Sun City, which is one of the major tourist destinations in the country, has increased the significance of the big city as a tourist haven. The business potential of the city as well, in the area of manufacturing, telecommunication, real estate, agriculture and tourism has attracted a lot of attention and visitors.

Flights to Johannesburg are provided for by both local and international airlines, including SA Airways as well as Kulula and Mango which provide cheap flights to Johannesburg as well as to other places within the country. Among the most popular international flights that make it to Johannesburg are Air China and Delta flights.


Flights to Other Places in South Africa

Among others, flights to Durban are as well popular. This city which is the most populated city in South Africa only after Johannesburg has attracted different kinds of visitors most especially as it has so much to offer fun seekers and tourists.

Durban is a city that has blended various cultures into one and has become a hub for water tourists, divers and adventure seekers. Durban has got itself listed as the 7th place to go in 2014 by New York Times.

Flights to Durban are mostly through the Durban International Airport. This airport served as one of the airports used during the 2010 World Cup to receive guests. The city has its flights to majorly 8 local and various international destinations, including London and Singapore.

Between 2014 and 2015, the most popular King Shaka International Airport of Durban, saw over 52,000 aircraft movements and close to 5 million passenger movements.