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EBay South Africa has been used to describe various online businesses in South Africa. While some sites such as bidorbuy have at various times claimed to be the eBay South Africa, eBay’s owned gumtree South Africa, has been described more as the country’s eBay, although it is a classified ads site.

EBay is a multinational e-commerce company which began as far back as 1995. The American company is an online shopping ‘mall’ and auction ‘House’. The site allows for the sale of almost everything and it charges sellers for putting up stuff for sale.

EBay has been able to localize its business today in over 30 countries. The company was able to buy Gumtree in 2005.

Today, the site is getting bigger with each day. The most popular things bought on the site are laptops, games, phones, and house items. EBay cars are as well popular.

EBay South Africa: Gumtree SA

Gumtree is one of the world’s most popular online classified advertising website. The site started in Britain in 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. It however soon spread to other countries of the world including United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Australia and South Africa.

The site was however sold to eBay in May 2005. Therefore, Gumtree South Africa is now an affiliate of eBay.

Gumtree SA is one of the largest online classified outlets in south Africa. The site which allows for both buyers and sellers to meet and transact has over 4.5 million local views.

Beginning in 2005, Gumtree SA has way over 100 thousand listings in different categories. The categories include the electronics, fashion, home, and garden, as well as baby and kids. Others are Automotive vehicles, boats and watercraft, as well as electronics.

The site also provides a category; Gumtree jobs. Gumtree jobs allow employers to advertise for openings in their firms. It as well allows for job seekers to advertise themselves. Hence the site provides a meeting place for employees and employers.

Gumtree South Africa is localized in different provinces of the country. It as well goes further to localize based on towns in the provinces so as to provide for buyers and sellers in specific parts of the country.


Another site that is claiming the status of eBay South Africa is bidorbuy. Bidorbuy is a massive online auctioning and marketing site in South Africa.

Launched in 1999 by Andy Higgins, the site soon opened two other branches in India and Australia. These, however, did not survive, hence only the South African bidorbuy remained. The site only began taking shape after 2005.

Today, the site has evolved into becoming one of the best of its kind in South Africa and the African continent as a whole.

The site claims that while on the international scene eBay is in charge, it dominates the South African online market, and hence it can call itself eBay South Africa. The site has close to 240 thousand registered members, more than 430 thousand unique monthly visitors and almost 12 thousand active transactions monthly.

Internet Marketing in South Africa

South Africa has become of late, one of the blooming fields of internet marketing in Africa. While various factors could account for this, the availability of internet is even more important a factor.

With a population of over 53 million, internet penetration has kept increasing in the country with the movement of time and increase in population.

In the earliest times of internet, 2000, its usage in South Africa was 5.3 %. Its growth in the country did not improve significantly by 2009, as the penetration stood at 10 %.

From 2010 however, internet growth in the country had entered what could be termed as its golden years so far. Internet penetration in the country improved to 24 %, and 46.5 % by 2013. By 2016, the usage of internet in the country had climbed as high as 52%, making it one of the countries in Africa with the highest usage of internet.

Today, almost every serious business in South Africa has a form of internet presence. While a majority have either websites or blogs, others have a presence on social networking sites. More even have both.

Other online marketing sites in South Africa include Takealot, which is also popular, Simplicity online, and Kalahari. Among other classifieds in the country are Zando, OLX, Junkmail, and Locanto. Others are booc, howzit, wegotads, and ikan.